2016 Nobile T5 WMN Kiteboard

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2016 Nobile T5 WMN Kiteboard

Available Sizes: 128cm, 131cm, 134cm

This updated construction of the T5 for the 2016 season provides females with more confidence while having fun on the water. This model was designed and tested by girls from our team to guarantee full harmony in riding, jumping and landing. Having easy riding and hassle-free fun is the main aim of this board.

* “Wavy channels system” makes the board ride like it is on rails
* APS technology promotes the outstanding edge grip and strengthens reactivity
* Asymmetric outline facilitates curves and turns without any negative impact for upwind riding
* Stance and flex adjusted for women


The flagship pattern of the Spaces line refers to beach and its atmosphere. A great perspective is created, thanks to the sharp broken lines which imitate the water, in order to tempt and invite. This design also alludes to fashion trends which are very important for women

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