$999.00 (3hrs x 10) (INCLUDES 1 KITE & 1 BOARD DEMO) To qualify you MUST be able to stay upwind. ($80 per additIonal pickup or emergency rescue). Our sessIons take place on the Great South Bay were we take you to secluded slicks with the flattest of flat water only accessible by boat. The sessIon is supervised by IKO instructors and our experienced team will help with choosing kite size, rigging, launching and landing and some general riding tips. Gear rental is available : $100 for complete access to all kite sizes 3.5m -17m including kite bar lines and leash and pump. $50 board. Rental gear is limited. If you plan on using our gear you must reserve in advance. BOOTIES AND A WETSUIT ARE REQUIRED and are available for rent and purchase at the center as well.

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