Demo 2011 Underground Styx Kiteboard 138cm Used

Demo 2011 Underground Styx Kiteboard Complete 138cm Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kiteboard. Board is sold as-is.

ConditIon: B+ Lightly Used

Product Description:

Underground team has come up with an impressive and extensive series of boards for 2011. They have spent a lot of time and effort to create a new generation of boards which are intended to meet the needs of all the riders out there. The new 2011 Styx is a very agile board, which packs plenty of pop, speed, control and power and it is meant to take freestyle to a whole new dimension. It is available in seven size models, so it suits a wide range of riders and wind conditions. If freestyle is your game, you must take the Styx out for a spin to feel true force unleashed.

Freestyle is one of the most spectacular kiteboarding disciplines. At the same time is a very demanding one and the riders looking for top performance need a dedicated board for that. Underground has created the Styx especially for them. The board is constructed using the latest technology and the best fabrics and meets the highest quality and performance standards. The new tweaks used by Underground in the design of the Styx make it powerful, fast and accurate.

It has plenty of pop, it offers huge jumps and incredible lifts and id delivers a direct and responsive control. It can become quite aggressive sometimes, but it is the perfect weapon for the freestyler who performs advanced technical moves. The board uses a compact shape with rounded narrower outlines which allows it to run fast and smooth across water. It is enhanced to absorb any shocks, no matter how hard the rider lands or smashes into the waves. The board is constructed on a Paulownia wood core with ABS rails, Carbon and Biax Glass layups.

This structure provides an asymmetrical flex control for optimal response and makes the board solid and extremely light. The entire structure is protected by a scratch proof TPU skin. The tip to tip center spine provides huge pop and allows the rider to perform the most extreme maneuvers without any effort at all. The quad concave bottom design makes the board take maximum advantage of the water flow to deliver perfect power release and increases steering response. The ABS rails featuring rail channels permit the rider to experience fast and tight turns and deliver a direct and accurate control.

The board is also equipped with 50 mm G10 fins which optimize the power delivery and significantly increase the grip. A 3D shaped deck spreads the weight pressure evenly for extra stability in big winds or at high speeds. The rider can choose from several stance options the one which suits him best and provides him with the most comfortable position. The Underground Styx is powerful and fast, provides accurate control and it is the perfect choice when it comes to freestyle.


• Triple Spine
• Quad Concave
• 3D ABS rails
• 3D deck
• Extra pop
• TPU Skin

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