Demo 2010 Cabrinha Switchblade 8m Kitesurfing Kite Only Used

Demo 2010 Cabrinha Switchblade 8M Kitesurfing Kite Only Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite.  Kite sold as-is. (Bar and pump not included but can be added.)

Condition:  C Moderately used, late model kite, no leaks, scuffs on one side of Leading edge, small repair on canopy

Product DescriptIon:

The Switchblade has been around for 5 seasons now, meaning that during all this time it has gotten better and better. The 2010 Switchblade IDS is the best in this range; for the 2010 edition the Cabrinha team has specifically focused on improving the kite’s turning speed and relaunch capabilities.

If you want to ride hooked, the 2010 Switchblade IDS is the right choice. If you want to ride unhooked, the 2010 Switchblade IDS is also the right choice. If you want to ride a variety of conditions, you’ve guessed it, the 2010 Switchblade IDS is the right choice. This is a steady, predictable kite that will help you easily pull off any wakestyle trick you can think of. It is one of the best wakestyle freeride kites you could ever get.

The steady predictable pull and it’s ability to fly forward when unhooked makes the Switchblade perfect for hitting kickers, sliders and just about any wakestyle trick in the book. In 2010 improvements have been made to increase the Switchblade’s turning speed and relaunch. Core Wakestyle’s ultimate power source can be found in the Switchblade 2010 IDS. Now 100% dedicated to the cause, the 2010 Switchblade IDS delivers pure wakestyle performance to the masses.

The Cabrinha Switchblade 2010 IDS is a performance kite with a direct, light bar feel, and easy handling capabilities. The Switchblade excels in the competition wakestyle arena but is simple enough to make any rider feel like a pro.

The Switchblade 2010 IDS handles the task of unhooked riding by delivering a constant steady powerband. When unhooked the kite continues to fly forward, making the power predictable during your tricks. On the fly depower is extremely linear which means you’ll always have the correct amount of power for the job at hand.


  • 5 struts
  • IDS bridle and 2nd stage depower – thanks to IDS, which is short for Intelligent Depower System, the rider has to put in the minimal amount of effort and input and despite this, he gets an extraordinary level of control in return. Only Cabrinha kites feature the IDS bridle and control system, which delivers precise steering control and precise power control with no bar pressure.  The IDS system provides 2 stages of depower – while riding you have Interactive Depower On Demand; whole trying to land the kite, you have Absolute Depower. The later, Absolute Depower, uses only 4 lines but manages to offer the same functions of a 5-line system. Unlike a 5-line system, it is a lot easier to use.
  • Powerdrive IDS bar
  • Sprint – easy to use inflation system
  • Improved LE Closing seam
  • Ultra Bomb Canopy – an insurance that the kite and bar are extremely durable
  • Tuning options
  • Built-in Relaunch


    4m – 21 knots and upwards
    6m – 19 knots and upwards
    7m – 18 knots and upwards
    8m – 17 knots and up to about 26 knots
    9m – 16 knots to about 26 knots
    10m – 15 knots and up to about 25 knots
    12m – 12 knots to about 19 knots
    14m – 9 knots to about 17 knots

    Please note that the wind ranges are based on a 75kg (165lbs) rider. Actual wind ranges may vary according to your body weight and ability level, and according to water conditions, board size, and riding style. You should always use common sense and your personal experience when selecting a kite size. If you don’t know what kite size to use, talk to other riders and see what they’re using on the water.


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