2007 Cabrinha Powerdrive 1:1 Kite Control Bar 55cm Used

Demo 2007 Cabrinha Powerdrive 1:1 Switchblade Kite Control Bar 55cm Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite Control Bar.  Control Bar sold as-is.

Condition: Good

Product Description:

From the moment you put your hands on the Powerdrive 1:1 control system you'll ask yourself "where is the bar pressure?" That's because the Powerdrive 1:1 control system without pulleys delivers absolute control over the power of your kite without the increase in pressure caused by pulleys.Don't let the lack of bar pressure fool you. The Powerdrive 1:1 features our Override security system resulting in the kind of security you'd expect from a Cabrinha product.

The Powerdrive 1:1 control system comes standard with our Override 2 stopper unit. In addition to its hands free spinning feature, the Override 2 stopper integrates our bungeed power adjusters. The easy to use power adjusters put the trim of your kite easily within reach. This often imitated but never duplicated feature keeps your entire control system simple, streamlined and free of clutter.

The Powerdrive 1:1 control system now implements our new forged alloy center section with an expanded entry and exit opening for the depower line. This feature increases the ease of bar movement over the depower line even at extreme angles.

The Powerdrive 1:1 features our adjustable Override 2 stopper unit, bungeed power adjusters, centerline adjustment trim strap, soft embossed EVA grip, and a quick release harness loop. 


  • No pulleys. Reduced bar pressure
  • Override 2 Technology
  • Stopper unit with adjustable tension ring
  • Bungeed power adjusters
  • Quick release harness loop
  • Embossed EVA grip
  • 25m line set

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