Core Fusion Kiteboard

Core Fusion Kiteboard

Product Description:

The Fusion was constructed in the most elaborate way for a series constructIon board - by using only the finest materials. The board is made of 100% CARTAN® high-performance carbon; each layer is made of pure carbon fibre. This guarantees minimum weight and optimum flex properties. The complex bottom with double concave and ‘V’ provides more drive and directIon, when needed, and is responsible for the unique riding experience.

It goes through choppy water as if there was a cushIon of air under the board. We call this Hydrodynamic Bottom Contour. The core wood was milled in a special Diamond 3D Shape CNC. This ensures the harmonious development of flex together with torsIonal rigidity. The new high-performance fins, provide the FusIon with the maximum amount of directIonal stability whilst maintaining high levels of agility.


  • TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AT ITS BEST- The FusIon development team worked hand in hand with the perfectIonists from Carved, decades of experience in the constructIon of surfing and kite boards therefore flowed into the FusIon series. From the choice of bottom curve to the meticulously tuned flex design - each board size has been individually developed. This continuous transfer of knowledge was especially evident in the materials used.
  • CARTAN® FULL CARBON CONSTRUCTIon- Each layer of the laminate structure is made of carbon fibre, the entire area – top and bottom. CARTAN® high-performance carbon was specifically and exclusively designed for CORE and CARVED. In contrast to conventIonal carbon fibres the CARTAN® carbon fibre weave holds the fibres in a performance maximizing 30 degree angle. The result is huge flex properties making take offs both simple and effective. The exclusive use of CARTAN® high-performance carbon allows us to significantly reduce the thickness of all FusIons. The resulting thin, slightly burred edge allows for precise jumps and relaxed carving.
  • COMPLEX DIAMOND 3D SHAPE- Complex diamond-shaped cut-outs have been milled into the underlying wood core. This extra CORE effort is not without reason; on the one hand the complex surface structure reduces the weight, on the other hand, the resultant and intelligently arranged crosses increase the torsIonal rigidity of all FusIon boards.

    Together with the ultra-thin outside edges, the ‘Diamond 3D Shape’ provides the perfect combinatIon of flex and stiffness - two technically disparate elements that only the world's best shapers can combine successfully.

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