2016 Cabrinha Fixed Bar

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2016 Cabrinha Fixed Bar

Product DescriptIon:

The 1X Control System is our ultra light weight, fixed length control system. The non-adjustable control bar features the QuickLoop™ opening harness loop and utilizes our all new TrimLight cleat system. QuickLoop’s safe and simple activatIon of single line flagging makes it possible to kill the power of the kite so it will rest motIonless on the water or land. The TrimLite Cleat™ is a light weight, simple trim system, that uses a 2:1 purchase to give your kite the perfect balance and trim to match the changing wind conditIons.

Features and Benefits
• Ultra light-weight, fixed length system
• TrimLite Cleat™ allows precise and positive trim adjustment.
• Incredibly simple activatIon and resetting of the 1X Security System
• Soft EVA ends float the entire bar
• Low V - Direct steering
• Internalized lines - AbrasIon & clutter free
• Depower on Demand - Interactive power control

Control System Overview

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