2016 MBS Colt 90 - Constellation Mountainboard

2016 MBS Colt 90 - Constellation Mountainboard

MBS' Colt 90 is an amazing entry-level to intermediate board that allows thousands of new mountainboarders and kiters each year to have a blast as they progress from beginners to winners. This is true now more than ever with this year's Colt 90 including several important updrades that allow its riders to advance a bit further before they're ready to upgrade their beloved Colt. To begin with, we've completely overhauled the Colt 90's wheels. By upgrading tires to genuine MBS T1 tires with specially formulated high-rebound rubber material MBS has made this year's Colt 90 more than twice as fast as last year's, and by upgrading the Colt 90's tube material to high-grade butyl rubber we've reduced air loss and flats to little more than a memory. Other wheel improvements include genuine MBS rubber-shielded 12x28mm bearings and MBS' brand new FiveStar hubs. Finally, to prove we are serious about allowing this board to be taken to higher heights we also upgraded its ATS axles from 9.5 to 12mm to match the diameter of the Matrix. In addition to the obvious performance enhancements these upgrades offer they have made the Colt 90 more compatibile with the rest of the MBS line so the choice to one day upgrade your hubs or trucks is as simple as that. We've replaced compatibility charts with true compatibility.



Part Description

Colt 90

Rider Style

Learning to Mountainboard and Kiteboard

Overall Weight

5.9 (kg) / 12.9 (lb)

Overall Length

105.2 (c) / 41.4 (in)

Axle to Axle Length

85.2 (c) / 33.5 (in)

Deck Construction


Deck Stiffness


Graphic Material


Grip Tape

46 Grit - Alum. Oxide

Deck Tip Angle


Deck Length

90.2 (c) / 35.5 (in)

Deck Width

22.0 (c) / 8.7 (in)

Deck Weight

1.9 (kg) / 4.2 (lb)

Truck Type

ATS. 12

Truck Material

Die-Cast Alum. Hanger and Base; Cromoly axle

King Pin



Orange Bushing

Axle Width

40.0 (c) / 15.8 (in)

Axle Diameter

12mm (Solid)

Hub Type




Accepts Bearing Size (OD)




Tire Type

T1 (8") - 200x50

Tire Color


Binding Type


Hardware Type

Black Zinc / Nickel

Grab Handle

Drilling Required

Brake Compatible


Brake Included?



Wheels Off

Overall Length with Matrix

114.4 (c)

Overall Length with Vector

109.1 (c)

Overall Length with ATS

108.7 (c)


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