2016 Nobile Infinity Carbon Split Surfboard

2016 Nobile Infinity Carbon Split Surfboard

Available Sizes: 5‘9“

The first waveboard in the world which can be packed as standard luggage. Now you can travel to the most beautiful kite destinations without having to worry about oversize baggage charges. The top of the board is covered with EVA foam, which is incredibly comfortable and provides good control for strapless riding. The thin deck gives you exceptional board feeling and control while performing manoeuvres.

* The carbon fabric improves the torsional stiffness and reduces the board’s weight
* The “sandwich” construction guarantees high resistance to damage
* The fin arrangement combined with the board’s profile allows exceptional upwind performance
* Second generation W-connection – durable and precise


Location: The Bahamas. Design: The Bahamas in simplified form. Simplified regular shapes add the dynamics to the graphics while conveying the character of this region. The separation ability of the board is emphasized by the line connecting two elements which always accompany kitesurfers.

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