2016 Nobile Smooch N6 Snowboard

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2016 Nobile Smooch N6 Snowboard

Available Sizes: 150cm, 154cm, 159cm, 164cm

The first split type snowboard in the history of Nobile. It's worth to emphasize that our company is a pioneer of splitboards in other sports discipline in which we are also among the world's best – the kiteboarding. In the winter model we have used the Karakoram connection. An integrated system of skin assembly allows wandering in the most difficult terrain, while the board's construction, based on the sandwich solution, guarantees the extraordinary rigidity and durability for many years. Smooch is a beautiful board which illustrates the history of connection – as exciting as the fact that now you can take your snowboard with you, wander across the mountains and then cover the final distance downwards, leaving the beautiful single trace on the snow.

The Splitboard is a novelty in our 2016 collection. Based on our long-lasting experience, we have built a board you can easily begin your splitboard adventure with. The model climbs easily and offers versatile possibilities, thanks to the work of Autorocker, which gives a longer effective edge, resulting in better edge grip and when entering the deep powder, the camber automatically turns into rocker and keeps the board on surface. A permanent front minirocker facilitates the turn in difficult conditions and leads out of powder onto the surface.

STYLE: Backcountry Touring

Combining two halves always seems to be thrilling. We all remember this very first moment. Now you'll be able to choose a place for doing it on your own. 

Model Length
Tip Width
Waist Width
Tail Width
Sidecut Radius
Recomended Stance
Effective edge
Suggested Weight Range
Smooch 150 294 251 291 7500 52 6,5 1115 60-70
Smooch 154 304,5 257 301,5 7800 52 6,5 1150 62-75
Smooch 159 313,4 267 310,2 7800 56 6,5 1200 67-83

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