2016 Nobile T5 Kiteboard

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2016 Nobile T5 Kiteboard

Nobile's patented APS technology with "wavy channel system: takes the T5 to new freeride heights. For the last decade the board has experienced step-by-step innovations, however the 2016 model is a massive leap forward. The board's characteristics have been improved in every aspect: more stable, better pop, more comfortable landing. When you choose T5, your progress in kiteboarding will be unstoppable!

* “Wavy channels system” makes the board ride like it is on rails
* APS technology promotes the outstanding edge grip and strengthens reactivity
* Asymmetric outline facilitates curves and turns without any negative impact for upwind riding

The pattern refers to the water's structure with its form and color scheme. The shape irregularity and random adjustment gives a feeling of dynamics and extremity, intriguing and encouraging at the same time.

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