2016 Slingshot Ghost Whisper NF2 Foil Board

Designed to cover the broad spectrum of foilers and their requisites, the Ghost Whisperer is constructed from a carbon composite blend that provides the perfect balance between weight, durability, performance and pricing. The Ghost Whisperer is rated as a high performance freeride foil in comparison to Slingshot’s 2015 NF2 Foil (built by Lift) and designed by Slingshot’s Tony Logosz.

A front-J gullwing profile, aggressive winglets off the front and back and carbon/Kevlar/fiberglass composite construction give it well-rounded performance characteristics. Touted as the ultimate crossover foil, the Ghost Whisperer fits ideally in the middle of the performance spectrum; it is stable and user friendly for newcomers, fast and efficient for high-end performance and agile and responsive for freeriding.

The Ghost Whisperer features separate fuselage and wing components that can be broken-down into three parts for easy storage/transport and can be replaced if needed.

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