2017 F-One MITU Essential Surfboard

2017 F-One MITU Essential Surfboard

Available Sizes: 5'6, 5'8


- Outstanding ROCKER, insane maneuverability and control in the surf construction
- Amazing feeling and versatility while riding!!!
- Nose channel
- Compact grab rail

Since the first MITU PRO MODEL 4 years ago, we have focused on one single objective: offer the best technology to bring unique sensations and exceptional comfort.
The Mitu boards have become genuine technological marvels featuring many built-in features: HD FOAM FLEX COMPOSITE, HEEL SHOCK ABSORBER, full pads…
For the ESL version, we have elected to use our original BAMBOO SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION, which was an F-ONE innovation and a tremendous success.

ESL stands for ESSENTIAL as this is all we have kept for this original technology. Fitted with a full bamboo sandwich on both deck and bottom with double bamboo layer on deck to strengthen the area under your feet, the board is very resistant to local impacts and offer a great comfort.

Without pads for the riders who prefer a direct contact with the board and use some wax, this board also shares the latest shape and design of the Mitu range. 

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