2017 Ion Jade Waist Harness

2017 Ion Jade Waist Harness

Product Description:

Ladies! Prepare to be lavished with a beautifully constructed and technically sound harness. The JADE will tickle your stylish taste buds with its on-trend colourways and sophisticated design. The elongated windsurf specific shape is specially designed to evenly distribute the load across the back. If the best is what you want, then get ready to settle into the JADE.


  • Internal Flex_Belt: Keeps your harness in place when unhooked.
  • Low_Rider: Windsurf specific stabiliser and load distributor.
  • Reduced Side_Cut: A newly revised Side Cut for a slimmer outline.
  • Women´s X-Spine: Proven Support, especially shaped for women.
  • PRO_PAD: The world’s first fully moulded protection pad ensures a lightweight, less water absorbing and comfortable cushioning of the spreader bar.

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