2017 Nobile Mr. BIG Kitesurfing Kite

2017 Nobile Mr. BIG Kitesurfing Kite

Available Sizes: 17m

Mr. Big is the biggest kite in the Nobile collection and, as you would expect, has been built to withstand low-wind conditions. Our engineers have managed to design a kite which, despite its great size, doesn’t lose the agility, quickness and steering responsiveness of a smaller kite. It has a specific shape – flattened in the middle part – which enables it to find power in lower winds and you can ride it upwind and perform your tricks. We have introduced the lightest and the most durable materials (T9600 Ripstop Teijin, Dacron Ripstop) and used a reduced number of reinforcements thus making it very light.

Main features:
– Shape: flat bow dedicated for lighter wind conditions
– Low wind performance
– High freeride performance
– Flat shape generating huge power
– Great lift and hang time for big airs
– Big depower and fast turning speed optimized for low wind conditions
– Great control combined with soft bar feeling
– High lift, very low drag profiles
– Superb upwind performance
– 6-strut construction
– Light construction dedicated for low wind conditions
– Easy to relaunch
– Quick inflating/deflating screw valve
– One-pump system
– Quick and easy setup
– Bridles with pulleys, owing to which the kite has a wider lower range, it
doesn’t fall, it’s more stable in the zenith and has a better relaunch
– More durable lines at the pulleys on bridles
– Improved sewing technology and quality
– 4-line control bar system
– Colour-coded and fool-proof line connectors

Shape: Flat bow

– T9600 Ripstop Teijin;
– Dacron Ripstop
– Double-layer Dacron on bridle attachment points
– Double-stitched bonded seams
– Dacron reinforced canopy (tips and trailing edge)
– Bladder construction with doublelayer section in wear areas
– Catch-free one pump valves position
– Thin LE&Strut ends

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