2018 Cabrinha XO Switchblade Kitesurfing Kite

2018 Cabrinha XO Switchblade Kitesurfing Kite

Product DescriptIon:

Designed specifically for women riders that want unrivaled predictability, unmatched versatility and uncompromising high end performance and quality. Whether you’re boosting big air, throwing down technical tricks, or simply out for a fun session on your own terms, the XO Switchblade provides the ultimate kiting experience.

5 Strut, Bow / Hybrid design, Fusion wing tip shape, Draft forward profile.

Sizes 7m, 9m & 11m are IKO certified.


  • New limited edition color way
  • New High Tenacity Dacron enhances the arc stability
  • Ultimate performance in the widest range of conditions and variety of riding styles
  • Smooth power delivery
  • Ridiculously high hang times
  • Predictable handling with improved stability and range
  • Great upwind performance
  • Distinctly agile and light precision steering
  • Easy relaunch


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