2018 F-One Diablo V3 Kitesurfing Kite

2018 F-One Diablo V3 Kitesurfing Kite

Available Sizes: 9m, 11m, 13m, 15m, 18m, 20m

F-ONE's third generation of ram-air kite, the diablo v3 is the result of an always evolving design work. This new version combines the ease of use that made our v1 so successful with the performances needed to challenge for a world champion title.


The Diablo’s R&D team with Robert Graham (who led the tuning development) along with Axel Mazella and Titouan Galea (key testers), have worked tirelessly on the bridle specifications and connections, undertaking the Herculean task to reach the perfect settings for each Diablo V3 sizes. 


The end result is very satisfying: when out for the first time during the second step of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour in Montpellier, our four pro-riders had only received their kites two days before the competition. Riding with production kites only they managed to strike 4 spots in the top 8 of this event, with a second place for Axel, showing thereby the excellent performance potential of these racing kites.

The race course for this competition was particularly demanding with VMG upwind and downwind legs but also featuring some reaching legs. This has put a stronger emphasis on the versatility in the performances of the kites, which must perform at their best for all points of sail.  The range of use was also a key part of the development since this is a crucial point for any riders wanting to perform even in gusty conditions.


All these characteristics are essentials in a competition but will also make a better experience for all riders using a ram-air kite. On top of these main changes, the team kept working on stability, maneuverability, better bar feeling, and all qualities that build up a successful kite.

The overall feel of the V3 is more progressive and predictable, giving the riders more confidence to push their performances harder. The depower has been increased and the kite is much more user friendly downwind with more stability on the wingtips.

Our experience on ram-air kite manufacturing and reliability is crucial to insure the longevity of this third version.


A race winning machine but also a fantastic kite to enjoy the pleasures of foiling, be the first one planing on the water, master your tacks and jibes on a foil or and simply be the fastest with full comfort on the water, land or snow!


  •  PLUG AND PLAY New bridle and optimum fine tune for an immediate and intuitive use whether you are looking for great performances or amazing sensations. The kite offers better handling and is more user friendly when used with shorter lines.
  • UNMATCHED WIND RANGE Thanks to a new setting that multiplies the depower: The Diablo V3 gains in comfort and speed especially downwind or in gusty winds.
  • OPTIMUM BRAKE BEHAVIOUR with a new brake line configuration attached every 2 cells instead of 3. The brakes are more efficient and the kite keeps a better shape. 
  • FAST INFLATE The flexible rods used to reinforce the leading edge are longer on the cells that are connected to the bridle. This makes inflation easier and the leading edge stronger. In higher winds, the kite is stiffer and more responsive. 


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