2018 Nobile Flying Carpet Split Kiteboard

 2018 Nobile Flying Carpet Split Kiteboard

Available Sizes: 160cm X 46cm

Split your carpet into your luggage

The Flying Carpet Split is a low-wind board you can fold and pack into your bag. It facilitates everyday transport of the board: by car, train or motorcycle, but most of all in airlines, because YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANY EXTRA FEES FOR TRANSPORTING SPORTS GOODS! It is also one of the lightest boards in this size on the market.

The Wavy Channels System and asymmetrical shape ensure perfect edge grip and great upwind performance, while the Flat Continuous Rocker lets you reach the highest speed on flat water. The low weight of the board lets you perform freestyle revolutions. 

– APS technology keeps the right torsion.
– Airlight core minimizes the board’s weight.
– Dynamic asymmetric shape revives the board.
– Third generation W-connection: lighter, stiffer and more

Board set includes:
– G10 55mm Fins
– One Hand Coverbag

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