2019 F-One Bandit XII Kite

2019  F-One Bandit XII Kite

Product DescriptIon:

The Bandit XII now comes in a special summer edition! A limited edition of 1500 pieces, so be on time to enjoy a fresh Bandit this summer. 

  • Very versatile kite
  • Stears directly
  • Suitable for all styles
  • Easy to ride upwind
  • Auto relaunch
  • The Bandit comes a little earlier this year, to brighten up your summer. For years, the Bandit has been rewarded for its versatile feel. This kite can do everything and is a One Quiver Kite, suitable for freeride, freestyle & wave. Yet we think he excels in the freeride, where this kite certainly comes into its own. It does not really matter what your style is, the twelfth version of the Bandit feels immediately familiar and helps you to make rapid progress. 

    Every year the Bandit is tested to improve and refine it. The primary goal of F-One in the bandit is to improve the wind range, pull, feedback, bar feel and maneuverability. First they have tackled the wind range. More wind range means more time on the water, so the bandit XII will offer you even more fun without having to change kites. In addition, the bar feeling improved so that nothing stands in the way between you and your kite. The Bandit XII reacts even better and feels consistent with a refined bar feedback. 

    F-One believes that you have the most fun when you are standing on the water with a small kite. As a result, the brand has ensured that the kites steer and feel like a size smaller. This responsive feel will certainly appeal to you in the larger sizes. For years F-One has been working on the perfect balance between lateral pull and drag. The F-One Bandit XII will ride even more smoothly upwind and boost it during jumping. Definitely good progress! 


  • Large wind range
  • Playful in all circumstances
  • Auto relaunch
  • Exceptional maneuverability and responsiveness
  • Perfect balance between drag and pull
  • Accurate speed control
  • Ultimate link for perfect feedback from your kite 

    F-One Bandit XII 2019 Kite Summer Edition

    F-One Bandit XII 2019 Kite Summer Edition


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