2019 F-One WTF Girl Kiteboard

2019 F-One WTF Girl Kiteboard

Freestyle for women

The new WTF is ready to take your freestyle tricks to a higher level. A progressive freestyle kiteboard, that rides comfortably for the freerider. The WTF 2019 offers a constant drive and immediately feels familiar. Very suitable for ladies who like to push themselves to become better. 

The F-One WTF 2019 Girl has a slightly narrower stance and has more flex than the standard WTF. F-One has added a surf rail for a playful feel and a fine feedback. Thanks to the new rocker, the board has a great pop and soft landings. The channels offer the board extra grip for even more control. A wonderful freestyle kiteboard, which also feels very comfortable. 


  • Progressive freestyle kiteboard
  • Very suitable for ladies
  • Soft landings
  • Great pop and control 

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