2019 F-One WTF Kiteboard

2019 F-One WTF Kiteboard

Freestyle new style

New this year in the kiteboard range of F-One is the WTF ?! This new member of the F-One family is made for wake- and freestyle orientated kiters. The F-One WTF has a wide, square shape for an insane good pop and control. The nose offers a smooth landing and still makes him comfy in the chop and waves. Truly an ultimate freestyle kiteboard. 

The WTF ?! 2019 has super thin rails and nose channels for more grip and control at high speed. The flat deck makes it super fast and enables you to speed up immediately, even with the slightest breeze! The board is also very good with boots, but with the Platinium pads, it rides wonderfully as well. Would you like to challenge yourself to land new tricks, pop high and go fast, you should definitely take this F-One WTF ?! 2019 for a spin. 


  • Wooden core with fiberglass
  • Flat rocker
  • Channels
  • Good pop
  • Wide outline
  • Controlled landings 

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