2019 Slingshot Asylum Kiteboard

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2019 Slingshot Asylum Kiteboard

Available Size: 138cm, 141cm

Product Description:

Booty-poppin’, deluxe, lively, and aggressive…the adjectives prescribed to the 2019 Slingshot Asylum seem to be without end for good reason. Want some pop? Get you some of the 2019 Asylum. If this board is the weapon of choice for the world champion from 2016 and 2017, it is weapon enough for you. Best yet? The base has been reinforced to work on everything from slicks to sliders without issue.


Only a prescription would help you ride longer, jump higher, pop harder and leave your session more satisfied. Just what the doctor ordered.

Aggressive channeling on this board gives you crazy grip. Grip means, huge pop, soft landings and some healthy board speed. We’ve been crazy for this board since we admitted it to our lineup more than a decade ago.

The weapon of choice for 2016 & 2017 world champion Carlos Mario, the Asylum’s rocker profile and aggressive NACA channeling yields crazy amounts of pop, fast top-end speeds and soft landings. While a solid crossover board for general freeriding, the Asylum is better suited for aggressive riders who prefer plenty of power and are specifically looking for the freestyle-focused benefits that higher rocker provide. Aggressive NACA channeling improve edge control and pop and streamline water flow to increase board speed


  • High-rocker freestyle and flatwater shredder
  • Huge pop, soft landings
  • Weapon of choice for 2016 & 2017 World Champion Carlos Mario
  • Aggressive channeling creates board speed and grip
  • Lively and durable wood-core construction
  • Upgraded Dura-Glide base for kicker, rails and sliders


Laser Cut Channels

Laser cut channels provide unrivaled grips & tracking

Carbon Bedrock Inserts

Lightest, most flexible, & durable inserts in the industry

Vertically Laminated Wood Core

No better core material for achieving the best flex, durability, and lively feel

Singleshot Fusion Sidewall

High durometer urethane poured in one single shot, more durability, more dampening, and more performance

Chined Plane Rails

Reduce the area of contact between the board and water's surface. Prevent the water catching while on edge or landing.

2" G10 Fins

Grip, durability, stiffness, and a healthy dose of badassness.

Board Dimensions

Size: 138 x 42, 141 x 43.1

Rocker: 44 mm, 45 mm

Rider Wt. : 130 - 195 lbs., 145+ lbs.

Deck Wt.: 0.4mm standard, 0.4mm standard

Fins: 4 x 2" (5.08 cm) G10 Symmetrical, 4 x 2" (5.08 cm) G10 Symmetrical 


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