2019 Slingshot Celero FR Surfboard

2019 Slingshot Celero FR Surfboard

Available Sizes: 5’6”, 5’8”, 5’11”

Product Description

The Slingshot Celero is feasibly the most versatile kitesurf board in the history of, well, kitesurf boards. This board will do damn near everything and look better than all of your buddies whilst doing it. A lovely little three fin setup gives you plenty of maneuverability in most conditions, whether it be a mushy washing machine or some clean ocean swells. Best yet? Aesthetically, it’s probably the best-looking board you’ll see for some time.

The Celero is like your favorite pair of jeans- comfortable, reliable and versatile. They never go out of style, never let you down and you trust their performance no matter what conditions you encounter during the day.

The Celero is the most popular board in our lineup, and for good reason. Its classic shortboard shape has a familiar feel for any surfer and provides a perfect blend of performance and versatility for riders of all shapes, sizes and skill level.


  • Super versatile shape ideal for all conditions
  • The one-board quiver
  • Modified winged thumb tail provides all-around performance & snappy turns
  • Stability, agility w/ stout body, curvy outline
  • Trusted all-around shortboard shape
  • Carbon stringers and tail provide durability


Durable Slingshot Construction

Rugged EPS Core, reinforce glass, carbon integration and high end bamboo laminate make this build

Diamond Grip Deckpad

Refined deck pad provides just the right amount of grip and comfort

Carbon Stringers & Patches

Lightest way to prevent edge cracking & heel denting


Keyless fins click in/out easily with no tools required

Thruster 3-Fin Configuration

Provides solid all-around drive, grip and control

Slingshot Board Specs

Length: 5'6", 5'8", 5'11"

Width: 18.5", 18.5", 20.25"

Thickness: 2.25", 2.25", 2 3/8"

Volume: 23.75 L, 26 L, 32.4 L

Rider Wt.: 100 - 155 lbs., 120 - 185 lbs., 145 - 205 lbs.

Board Wt.: 7.3 lbs., 7.5 lbs., 7.75 lbs

Fins: 3 x 4.75" (12.08 cm) reactor FCSII Tri-Fin Set-U, 3 x 4.75" (12.08 cm) reactor FCSII Tri-Fin Set-Up, 3 x 4.75" (12.08 cm) reactor FCSII Tri-Fin Set-Up


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