2019 Slingshot Dually Straps

2019 Slingshot Dually Straps

Four-point adjustment and some comfy pads make for some happy feet, and happy feet means more time on the water. Riding in colder water? No sweat, the Dually straps fit booties just fine. Even if you’re popping some mad airs, the cushy footpads will give you a sweet transition back on to the water after your descent.

The Dually provides the most comfort and performance in the footstrap category. By providing two zones of adjustment, the rider is able to personalize every aspect of the Dually to their liking. Think of the Dually as a footstrap built exactly for you.

The Dually strap features a plush foam on the top of your foot and wraps it for a more ergonomic and comfortable ride. For precision fit, the Dually features a four-point adjustment system that allows for independent tightening at the front and rear of the pad. They also feature a rotating base plate that allows riders to customize their stance to their desired angle.


  • Perfect fit w/ four-point micro-adjustment straps & Velcro closure
  • Longer sessions, happier feet w/ ergonomically-designed foot beds
  • Great binding for booties: fits large feet, straps down tight
  • Cushy comfort on tough landings
  • Freestyle friendly
  • Super secure, grippy texture & toe ridges help keep the board on your feet without strain

Slingshot Strap Specs

Unit Sizing Hardware
US 4 - 12 Universal M6 Mounting Hardware
Euro 37 - 44 Universal M6 Mounting Hardware
UK 3.5 - 10.5 Universal M6 Mounting Hardware
CM 22.5 - 27.9 Universal M6 Mounting Hardware


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