2019 Slingshot Dwarf Craft Foilboard - 4'6"

2019 Slingshot Dwarf Craft Foilboard - 4'6"

Product Description:

The bigger brother of the 2019 Dwarf Craft 3’6" and the Dwarf Craft Micro, the 4’6" is for those who might not quite have progressed to the level of the 3’6" or are looking for a slightly easier ride while still maintaining the high agility of a small board. The Dwarf Craft takes a step above the average foilboard and becomes a one-stop shop for all-around foil riding. Small enough to easily avoid pearling or catching an edge, the Dwarf Craft is indeed Dwarven technology - it may be small, but it’s nothing to be taken lightly

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to float over the water on a magic carpet, the Dwarf Craft is as close as you can come without psychedelics.

The Dwarf Craft is our solution for all the foilers in the world who learned on a boring, cookie-cutter board and are ready for something with a lot more flavor. The shorter of the two sizes (3’6”) ends just past your front foot, which means all you see when you look up is water rushing by. It’s an agile setup, great for pumping, trick progression and playful freeride foiling. The longer version (4’6”) is a bit more stable, which gives less agile or bigger, taller riders the same minimalist sensation without feeling like a horse on a balance beam.

Light, agile and user-friendly, the Dwarf Craft is a one-board quiver. A concave deck provides responsive handling with subtle movement and moderately beveled edges aid in more aggressive leaning and edging than a flat-bottom board. The deck is covered tip to tail in a grippy EVA pad for comfortable strapless riding and transitions where you’re dancing toward the nose of the board. Slingshot’s signature sliding track system lets you adjust the position of the foil to fine-tune performance depending on rider ability and preference and the conditions.


  • User-friendly freeride performance
  • Great all-levels option for all-around riding
  • Scooped nose = easier rebound and less crashing
  • Beveled edges let you lean harder
  • Concave deck gives agile handling with subtle movement


Aggressive Chined Rails

Angled chined rails on board's bottom create a separate edging surface when the board touches the water surface

Versatile Strap Configuration

Insert options give the ability to ride with 3, 2, 1, or no straps

Diamond Grip Deckpad

Refined deckpad provides just the right amount of grip and comfort

Bomber Slingshot Construction

Durable EPS construction prevents dings, heel dents and board buckling

Concave Deck

Subtle concave deck provides comfort and response

Adjustable Track Mount

Learn easier and safer with different mounting positions

Slingshot Board Specs

    Length: 4'8
    Width: 18" 
    Thickness: 2.75" 
    Volume: 25.2L
    Board Wt.: 8.2 lbs
    Track Mount Dimensions: 90mm X 254mm (9cm X 25.4cm)

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