2019 Slingshot HG Infinity 76cm Carbon Wing

2019 Slingshot HG Infinity 76cm Carbon Wing

A long awaited addition and new favorite for everyone who has tried it.  The Slingshot Infinity 76cm foil has been winning hearts at record pace with its low speed lift and higher than expected top end speed. Hence, it's position as the wing for the new 2019 FSurf foil package. Designed for surf hydrofoiling, the Infinity 76cm wing has great low speed lift for small waves, enough maneuverability to remain fun, and great top speed to keep your glide and beat the fastest sections with ease. 

This wing has also been exceptionally popular with our freeride kiteboarders for lightly powered riding.  The growing contingent of freeride kite foilers love this wing for light winds, small kites, downwind swell riding, and growing their carving or footwork trick arsenals.  Wake foilers will appreciate this wing in the same way as surfers, it rides with ease in the smallest wake and keeps speed.  This wing makes any boat a great wake foiling boat.  Closest references in the market would include Gofoil Iwa, Cloud P27 Ghost Rider, Naish Thrust Surf XL, and Delta Mega Surf.

You’ll like this wing if: 
  • You want guaranteed success foiling in tiny to medium size waves or in light wind. This is the wing included with our FWind and FSurf package. Because of its large surface area and unique inverted gull wing shape, it’s the perfect balance between low-end lift and pumpability and faster top-end speed and performance. 
  • If you’re prone surfing and want to turn freely and pump from one wave to the next. 

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