2019 Slingshot HG Space Skate Front Wing

2019 Slingshot HG Space Skate Front Wing

Nope, this is NOT a new breed of Razor scooter or strange Loony Tunes/Michael Jordan movie. In fact, it's one of the most playful wings that you will find for hydro-foiling. The Space Skate 65cm wing has a dihedral "gull wing" shaped profile. This gull wing design allows the wing to quickly transition from edge to edge and bring the foil back under your feet after the turn is completed. This makes the foil feel bouncy and skateboard-like in its turns. Since this wing does not have a high top speed, it encourages that type of freeriding. Due to its popularity, the Space Skate has earned its spot as the front wing for the 2019 Slingshot FKite foil and paired with a new 28" mast for new foilers and the growing freeride group. This wing is unique in size and shape and it does not have many similar attributes to anything currently in the industry. It's best to ignore the surface area on this one as it rides roughly 20% smaller than it's measurements indicate and does have a relatively low top end speed due to its drag.

What Slingshot has to say about the Space Skate Front Wing

Slingshot Tech Specs

Foil Wing Surface Area (cm²) Aspect Ratio Span (mm) Chord (mm) Weight (kg) Speed Range (knots)
Space Skate 65 cm 1504 1.43 652 275 1.55 10 - 16

Measurements for 2019 hydrofoil wings including surface area, wing span, and aspect ratio

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