2019 Slingshot HG Warp Speed Front Wing

2019 Slingshot HG Warp Speed Front Wing

As the smallest wing in the lineup with the highest aspect ratio, one would expect this wing to be the fastest...and that person would correct. The Warp Speed 65cm wing packs a lot of speedy punch for its price, rivaling carbon foils priced at two to three times higher. This wing, along with a bit of extra skill and practice, can put your rich friends in their money-loving place from time to time. While not quite as fast as some of the purpose-built race foils, the extra bit of stability will help you nail that buoy tack while they scramble to their board after falling. This wing is also a great wing to start the big air foil game on a budget. While a bit heavier than other options, it will give you the speed necessary to test the waters and up your foil jumping game. The closest references in the market would include North Speedster GT, Liquid Force Happy, and Slingshot GW 2.0 101.

What Slingshot has to say about the Warp Speed Front Wing

Slingshot Tech Specs

Foil Wing Surface Area (cm²) Aspect Ratio Span (mm) Chord (mm) Weight (kg) Speed Range (knots)
Warp Speed 65cm 654 3.21 646 127 1.25 12 - 26

Measurements for 2019 hydrofoil wings including surface area, wing span, and aspect ratio

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