2020 Airush Vector Kiteboard

2020 Airush Vector Kiteboard

Available Sizes: 135 X 41 cm I 138 X 42 cm I 140 X 43 cm

  • Ultra lightweight intermediate to advanced twintip.
  • Lightest performance production board available.
  • Quad Nano Rod reinforced closed cell foam core.

The Vector is designed to be the ultimate boundary bending lightweight production board on the market. Ideal for riders pushing Big Air and extreme freeride maneuvers. The full carbon construction features Quad Nano Rod technology, by laying two carbon Nano Rods on either side of the closed cell core and a 45 degree biax carbon layer for incredible response and bombproof durability. 

Full carbon top & bottom. 
Quad Nano Rod enforced closed cell foam core. 
Ultra lightweight top & bottom sheet. 


1 x Pair AK Element – Team Black (Screws: 4 x pan head M6 x 18)
4 x AK Nylon Metro 40 Fins (Screws: 8 x pan head M6 x 18)
1 x Handle (Screws: 2 x pan head M6 x 10)
4 x Fin washers

Freeride: 100%
Freestyle: 75%
Wakestyle: 0%
Progression: 50%

The Fusion Carbon construction features a lightweight aerospace foam core with four of our exclusive carbon Nano Rods. The carbon Nano Rods are designed to protect the foam core and withstand extreme load through the board, in conjunction with the full carbon skins, ensuring the explosive pop you expect from Airush.


No more pulled or broken inserts from hard landings or crashes. Featured on all Airush boards, the ABS reinforced inserts create the ultimate amount of durability whether riding with boots or straps.

This is Airush’s freeride oriented rocker that delivers the ideal balance between control, ease of planing and smooth transitioning for the ultimate freeride experience.


Airush introduced FMS rating as the first brand to quantify how much a twintip flexes. Instead of the good old “feel” test, which can be very deceptive due to the impact of the length on the overall stiffness, FMS takes into account the board’s length and deflection. A lower rating indicates a softer board more suited to freeride, while higher-rated stiffer boards are more suited to freestyle.

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