2020 CORE Bolt 3 Wakestyle Kiteboard

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2020 CORE Bolt 3 Wakestyle Kiteboard

Sizes: 136x42 | 139x42.5 | 142x42.75

Wakestyle Rockstar


Your wakestyle board needs to edge hard, go big and take a beating. We built that and more into the Bolt 3. An easy-fix, super durable, boot only stylin’ machine for your high-flying adventures.

Experience next-level park performance with its custom wakestyle flex and improved hull. Our heavy duty Cartan carbon fiber build process delivers outstanding wakestyle flex properties; encouraging good flex when gybing, for example; and eliminating bad flex (aka negative rocker) on hard impacts. We inserted two extra full-length channels to increase grip and speed. And we beveled all of them so you won’t catch an edge on your favorite box or rail.

Your next board is ready to grind just about any rail, box or obstacle you find in your travels. Bolt 3 with Pro Fix Grindbase. Dingable. And repairable with a PTEX candle.



  • TWO LAYER CARTAN CARBON: Proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber that optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex.
  • 3D WOOD CORE: Powered by a superlight CNC milled Paulownia wood core.
  • MULTI-CHANNELS: Superior grip and speed with deeper, full-length channels.
  • V-SHAPED KEEL: Amazingly smooth ride even in nasty chop.
  • PRO ROCKER: Custom board flex and curvature.
  • PRO FIX GRINDBASE: Easy fix, snowboard-like, high modulus polyethylene base.
  • RAIL READY BASE: Countersunk channels create a smooth, flat, sliding surface.
  • BOOT TOUGH INSERTS: Heavily reinforced boot-only inserts.
  • VARIO RAILS: Precise flex with progressive edge thicknesses.
  • DIAMOND 3D-SHAPE: Balancing flex and rigidity.
  • 28 + 48MM G10 FINS: Optimized shapes for the Bolt 3.

Delivery includes

  • 4pcs 28mm CORE Fins incl washers and stainless steel screws M6x18
  • 4pcs 42mm CORE Fins incl washers and stainless steel screws M6x22



      Union Pro 3
      Welcome our new Union Pro 3 pads & straps. Now with an articulating split strap and ridiculous customization options. What? Our engineers split the strap to give independent form-fitting adjustability to your forefoot and midfoot. Each half of the split straps is independently micro adjustable with its own set of velcros. You can adjust the angle of your feet 11 different ways to lock in your preferred stance and move your pad closer or further away from the board edge. The strap also sports 2cm of pad adjustability fore and aft to accommodate all foot sizes. We know, that’s an insane amount of customization. We just want to make sure it fits everyone.



      Basic yet essential for maximum stoke. The newly developed, ergonomic, shock absorbing, foot pad will give you the confidence to push your limits. The “Diamond Wedge EVA” memory foam, “toe grabber” footbed, and single Velcro strap will hold you firmly and comfortably in all conditions.

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