2020 F-One Battle Paddle Aluminium

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2020 F-One Battle Paddle Aluminium

  • BATTLE Performance Racing

  • BATTLE Pro Racing

The BATTLE paddles are made for racing and touring.

The narrow and deep blade outline, featuring parallel sides enables to increase the stroke frequency while achieving a higher output. Paddling is easy and fast. The amount of spoon on the blade has been refined to increase the catch without penalizing the exit from the water.

This blades also features a V DOUBLE CONCAVE section shape which increases greatly the blade stability during the stroke, leading to less fatigue and better efficiency.

The BATTLE also features a thinner shaft diameter with enough flex to paddle easily on long distances and with a better hand grip. Available in CARBON HYBRID and 100% carbon constructions, the BATTLE paddles will keep you rowing faster and for longer.

PEAK outline

long, narrow blade allows for an easier “catch” and an easier water exit for a gradual power rise. By measuring the immersed blade area, you would yield a level of effort. Facing the wind, the return phase is also facilitated. It will be used for surfing and for its acceleration.

ABS Sidewall

All our paddles incorporate in its blade construction an ABS edge whose purpose is threefold. It protects the blade, participates in its structure and sealing, and is less aggressive to the rails of the boards.

V Double concave

The V DOUBLE CONCAVE offers a stronger V shape which is emphasized by the lateral concaves. This shape brings even more stability to the paddle without increasing the volume of the blade.


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