2020 Naish Drive Kiteboard

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2020 Naish Drive Kiteboard

Available Sizes:134x41, 138x41.5, 142x42

Who is it for?
Anyone seeking two boards in one, those that share a board, or kiters who travel and want the best performance in varying conditions.

What’s it do?
Takes a great all-around shape and adds next-level versatility to cover a huge range of freeride conditions.

Why is it unique?
Its asymmetrical design covers the range of two boards.

What’s new?
It’s a completely new board for 2020!

Conditions vary, people are asymmetrical and now there is a board that you can dial-in to your preferences.

The Switch is a new design which gives a great all-around board even more versatility. The inserts on the board are centered so that both its rails can be ridden, which dramatically extends its lifespan. Since both rails are different lengths you can choose which side you want to ride depending on conditions and riding preference. If the wind is light and you are riding a big kite, the longer side can give you more rail in the water—keeping you planing, so you can get upwind. If the wind is cranking and the water is rough, you can switch to the shorter side for quicker turning, so you can load fast between the chop. It is also great option for different size people that want to share a board.


  • Asymmetrical Size, Shape and Fin Placement = More versatility
  • Centered Inserts = Ability to ride both rails increases longevity
  • Flex Torsion Control = Boosts rigidity in axial & torsional axis + heightened control

  • Medium Flex = Dynamic, all-around handling

  • Freeride Rocker = Chop-eating & forgiving rocker + back foot directional stability

  • 4° Angle Fin Platform = Superior grip + upwind performance
  • Asymmetrical Corners = More versatility
    Model Length Width
    Switch 134/138 134/138 cm 41.5 cm
    Switch 138/142 138/142 cm 42 cm


    Package Includes

    • Board
    • Handle
    • Fin Set
    • Strap Kit Sold Separately

    4.0 cm IXEF Fins

    High-Performance fin system

    Grab Handle


    Low Flex

    Powerful & responsive handling

    4° Angle Fin Platform

    Superior grip + upwind performance

    Supreme Pop Wood Core

    Unmatched reflex characteristics

    3K Carbon

    Extremely lightweight + exceptional flex characteristics + high strength-to-weight ratio

    Flex Torsion Control

    Boosts rigidity in axial & torsional axis + heightened control

    Centered Inserts

    Ability to ride both rails increases longevity

    New Corners

    Enhanced durability/maximum power + easy transport + improved release


    2020 Naish Apex Bindings

    Available Sizes: US 5-12 | US 9-15


    • X-factor Ergo Strap = Exclusive, fully molded foot strap with four adjustment points (All four corners of the strap have precision adjustability to adapt to any foot)
    • Sidewall Footbed Cushioning = Integrated EVA cushions protect the foot from hard surfaces
    • Adjustable Heel Pad Durometry = Adjustable heel pad hardness to satisfy any rider preference
    • Lightweight Triple Density Molded Footbed = Soft main footbed for full shock absorption, highly textured top layer for maximum grip & an adjustable heel pad for comfort
    • Micro Stance/Angle Adjustment = Allows for precise stance angle positioning
    • Adjustable Side Wing Positions = Provides lateral foot support while keeping a comfortable feel. The side wings adjust forward or back to ensure perfect strap positioning and fit
    • Open Frame Geometry = Injection-molded plate encircles the pad to reduce weight & provide a direct pad-to-board interface for outstanding board feel
    • Strap Width Adjustment = Fits wide range of foot sizes
    • Deep Heel Cup = Solid, locked in feel

    Package Includes

    Foot straps,Mounting Hardware

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