2020 Naish Jet 1650 Front Wing

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2020 Naish Jet 1650 Front Wing

For 2020, Naish introduces an entirely new line of surf foils're-imagined, redesigned, and fine-tuned over months of testing to improve performance on every level. Further developing our delta wing concept, we've focused on better pumping and improving our already excellent agility. The new wings feature new proprietary foil sections that deliver more lift while reducing drag, smoothed frontal geometry that makes turning more intuitive while maintaining the'surf'feel that makes our wings so popular, and refined wingtips that provide excellent grip during turns and are also safer.

Jet 1650 // Re-engineered from the ground up, the Jet 1650 wing brings many of the performance advantages of smaller wings (speed and responsiveness) to a higher lift package that is perfect for heavier riders, or anyone just looking for more lift. Every parameter of the wing from aspect ratio to wingtip washout has been fine-tuned strike the perfect balance between lift and maneuverability.

The 2020 Jet Wing 1650 replaces the 2019 Surf XL Wing.


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