2020 Naish Maliko Carbon Elite SUP Board

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2020 Naish Maliko Carbon Elite SUP Board

Available Sizes: 14'0" X23, 14'0" X28

From flatwater to open ocean to downwind, there are no conditions in which the Maliko does not excel.

The Maliko models have a legacy of being the best 14-foot open ocean boards around. This award-winning shape has garnered an endless collection of high-ranking results across a variety of race types including the M2O World Championships, all varieties of sprint races and all-time wins at downwind races (such as the Naish Gorge Paddle Challenge and many other downwind race circuits on Maui).

Crafting a champion board that performs well in both open ocean and downwind involves a lot of different factors, and we have worked to improve on every aspect. The nose rocker has been slightly raised and, combined with the added volume in the nose, widens the sweet spot for trimming when on a glide and smooth nose entry when connecting bumps. The rail has also been refined with a smooth, rounded nose that transitions into a forgiving midsection, which finally morphs into sharp rails through the tail. The forgiving rails in the nose and midsection easily allow the board to slide into glides'even if slightly sideways. The sharp rails through the tail create a clean release for higher top speeds when on a glide, while adding excellent control when steering and connecting bumps. The new pintail also adds to the top speed while maintaining control when surfing downwind.

Not to be boxed in as a downwind-only board, the Maliko also has a proven track record as the board of choice for multiple ISA World Champion and Red Bull Heavy Water winner, Casper Steinfath. The all-star took this board to victory in multiple technical sprints and broke records paddling from Denmark to Norway on his Viking Crossing Tour. Input from Steinfath and downwind wunderkind, Bernd Roediger, has made this board into the race-winning, all-water superstar it is today.

Whether you're a downwind addict or racing on the world's biggest stage, the Maliko has the proven ability to win in all water conditions.

2020 Race Board DIMS



Available Sizes: 75,80,85,90,95

Featuring 100% 12K Pre-preg Carbon throughout the blade and fixed shaft, the Carbon Elite is extremely lightweight and rigid. This stiffness results in a direct transfer of power, allowing riders to take full advantage of the force exerted with each stroke'a useful attribute in situations when every fraction of a second counts. Adding more durability to the design, all sizes 85 and above feature a thicker, stronger SDS shaft. Designed for high performance, while maintaining versatility, the Carbon Elite is well-suited for racing, wave riding and touring.

*Includes blade cover



Available Sizes: 75

Lightweight and versatile, the well-rounded Carbon Plus is a great choice for racing, wave riding and cruising. Utilizing 100% UD Carbon for the blade and 85% Pre-preg Carbon for the shaft grants a nice balance between stiffness and flex-curve providing just the right amount of energy absorption for a variety of conditions. Adding more durability to the design, all sizes 85 and above feature a thicker, stronger SDS shaft. The low-profile composite handle provides added comfort and sure gripping, while the ABS rail delivers built-in blade edge protection. Long-lasting and durable, the Carbon Plus is the elevated'do-it-all'design for experienced and novice paddlers alike.



Available Size: 85, 95

Available in both fixed and vario options, the durable Kevlar Wave offers a slightly softer blade/shaft combo, making it the ultimate choice for serious wave riders.

With UD Carbon & Kevlar featured throughout the shaft and blade, this paddle provides the flex needed for enhanced balance and quick transitions alongside heightened durability and impact resistance. Shaft thickness has also been increased for greater strength, so no matter how hard you're paddling you can do so with confidence. Designed to stand up to the rigorous conditions encountered in big surf, the Kevlar Wave is the ultimate balance between strength, weight and performance.

*Includes blade cover

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