2020 North Atmos Carbon Kiteboard

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2020 North Atmos Carbon Kiteboard

Available Sizes: 133x39cm   136x40cm   138x41cm   141x42cm   144x43cm

Atmos Carbon Series


Master-crafted by our skilled engineers, who have carefully positioned the full carbon laminate layup to provide a dynamic and responsive ride, with well balanced torsional stiffness and flex. The harmony created between outline, rocker and flex makes this the ultimate all-terrain board for progressing your Freeride to even higher levels. Designed to ride overpowered with ease and control, yet still enabling early planing and low-end performance. Reach Earth's atmosphere with the Atmos Carbon Series, a high-performance freeride board for excessive boosting, looping and soft landings. Winner of the Highest Trick Score by Nick Jacobsen, and the Biggest Air by Marc Jacobs at the 2020 Red Bull King of the Air.

What’s Included

  • Grab handle with soft rubber grip
  • 40mm twin tip fins
  • Dogbone fin washers
  • Six M6 x 16mm screws

 Tech Specs

  • Wood Core Hybrid or Carbon Construction available
  • Medium rocker for balance of upwind performance and chop absorption
  • Narrower tip and tail to maximize boosting
  • Proven single concave with subtle channeling in the tips for a smooth ride

 What We Like

    • The Atmos is a super fun to ride board. It feels immediately familiar so you can ride fast and go big.
    • The two constructions have quite different rides. The Hybrid has a softer flex and is better for lighter riders or heavy chop. The Carbon has a very positive feeling under foot and has the stiffness to hook up big fast jumps.
    • Any level kiteboarder can ride and appreciate this board. It has a lot of edge control but can still slide through turns easily.
    • The narrower tips and single concave give the Atmos a really predictable ride with a lot of edge control. You can push the tail into the water and almost stop the kite.
    • All the screws on the Atmos are the same screws. Foot straps, fins, and handle all use M6 x 16mm screws. That makes it really easy to put your board together. If you lose a screw you can rob one from the handle to make sure your fin or foot strap is secure.
    • The handle is really grippy. This is excellent when body dragging out while holding the board handle.

 What We Don't Like

      • We wish the Carbon Atmos was lighter. They used carbon for performance and not necessarily weight reduction. You can definitely feel the performance improvement the carbon adds, but we expected it to be a touch lighter.

Why you want the North Kiteboarding Atmos

The Atmos is our favorite twin tip in the North Kiteboarding line up. All testers kept coming back with reports of what a positive feel this board has, how smooth it is through chop and how well it goes upwind.






  • Gripflex Material

    There are two touchpoints in kiteboarding, your control bar and your feet on the board. We wanted those touch points to be as soft as possible, with just the right amount of grip. Until now to get that grip you’ve also had to use quite a hard material, but we’ve developed a super-comfy rubberized EVA to give soft cushioning while maintaining grip underfoot. When it’s wet the grip improves.
  • Knitflex comfort and support

    The actual strap is laminated to the soft conforming foam inner, so when it creates a 3D curve you won’t have any bunching or creasing, and there’s no inner stitching to rub on your foot.
  • Triple Density

    If you use an industry standard soft foam material underfoot, when you land hard it’s going to bottom out and bruise your heel. Instead, we’ve used a triple density foam built up in three layers: soft touch under your feet with a medium density frame to take most of the load, then for serious impact we’ve added a high-density layer which is over-molded together with the medium density
  • Sustainable

    We’ve stripped them back to what you need. Other brands offer changeable heel inserts, but these often end up as waste or landfill. We’ve included just one dual molded heel impact pad on the bottom side, optimized to absorb serious impact. All twin-tips feature retailer-friendly standardized M6 x 16mm Hardware = one tool. To upgrade you don’t need new hardware.
  • Split inner velcro straps

    Ensure a custom fit on top of foot for all shapes, sizes and rider styles.
  • Footpad canted inwards

    To encourage optimized weight distribution and knee alignment.
  • Flex adjusters

    Rear eyelets have an outward kick to ensure your foot never comes in contact with them on hard landings.
  • Optimized strap adjustment options

    Ensure correct fit for all sizes, with comfortable foot positioning for a secure feel and use of toe bar.
  • Top loading foot strap

    Allows for a super quick setup.
  • Forward sloping grip pattern

    Prevents foot slipping out during high rotation tricks.
  • Ramped toe bar

    Lock in your connection to the board.
  • 6” screw spacing

    6.0" to 6.5” insert spacing to fit most twin tips on the market.
  • Two Sizes

    SM/MD US Mens 4-8 | MD/LG US Mens 8-12

Package Includes

  • Strap Set
  • M6 Mounting Hardware

2020 North Flex Strap Kit

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