2020 North Carve Kitesurfing Kite

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2020 North Carve Kitesurfing Kite

Sizes:3m, 4m, 5m,6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 13m

Available Kite Colors: Yellow, Red, Green

NOTE: Please indicate your top Kite color priorities in the order note!!

INCLUDES: Kite, Bag, Repair Kit


Powerful, reactive and controllable, the Carve provides instant drift with the flick of your wrist, allowing you to power on and off instantly, stay in the pocket for longer and out of the critical impact zone. Featuring a sensory pivot turn for control, and huge depower range, the Carve gives you the confidence to focus on surfing, in onshore to offshore, and anything in between, while strong surf-freestyle characteristics let you throw down strapless freestyle and perform lofty jumps with ease. Compared to the rest of our North range, the Carve sits further back in the wind window and enhances down the line drift, perfect for carving and tucking into a barrel. 3 x Kitesurf World Champion Jalou Langeree's kite of choice.


Tech Specs

  • Three strut full wing tip design for light consistent pull through turns
  • Proven Teijin TechnoForce D2 canopy material and TechnoForce 160gsm Dacron
  • Pre-stretched low drag pulley-less bridle creates responsive turning.
  • Exo-Skeleton Dacron frame and struts keeps kite rigid with no flapping in the turns.
  • Proprietary inflate valve allows any pump hose to screw on with no inflate valve needed.
  • Duralite foam padding on leading edge keeps leading edge off the ground to reduce wear.
  • 2-Stage Canopy Arc makes a flatter spot in the center for low end power and optimizes the angle of the full wing tip to make for butter smooth turns.
  • Profile optimized for efficient airflow and excellent upwind performance
  • Kook proof red and green pigtails with trailing edge attachments that have only one knot so you have the right one every time.
  • Kite repair kit included.
  • Kite bags come in four sizes so all kites have the right sized bag.
    • The Carve is a really good kite. Everyone that has tested this kite has really enjoyed it in any condition they rode it in. We ripped it in the waves, on a foil, with beginners and recreational jumpers. The feedback was consistently, “This is a great kite.”
    • The 2-Stage Arc is something you can’t see but you really feel in the kite. The flatter section in the center of the kite gives you amazing upwind ability. Even when underpowered you can make it upwind on the Carve. The more down turn fuller wing tip allows the wing tip to always be exposed to the airflow in turns. This translates to an amazingly positive bar feel that allows you to always know where this kite is in the wind window.
    • No wave kite would be complete without exceptional drift and the Carve is no slouch. It keeps flying when most other kites are falling out of the sky. You can really notice this when you are kite foiling and carve down wind at the kite.
    • The Carve has more bar feel and power than many of the current wave kites. The Carve also has much better wind range than most. This kite is for riders that want more controlled power and wind range in their wave kite.
    • We tested the Carve with some straight beginners in Zero to Hero and they loved the stability, fast but not too fast turning and ease of use of this kite.
    • The water relaunch of all sizes of this kite is top notch. We rolled it through the surf and it came up quickly every time. The bridle never got tangled in testing either.
    • When you whip the kite from side to side while you wave ride, there are no dead spots in the turns. You find just easy direct access to consistent power.
    • North started with a clean slate and they stripped away all the legacy design characteristics that had no function. There are a bunch of examples of this in the North kite line like only one knot to connect the kite line too. People mess this up all the time on kites with multiple knots on the trailing edge pigtails which makes the kite out of tune.
    • North made this kite to last. The quality of craftsmanship is top notch. The attention to detail is just sick. They are using a very high quality control spec and meeting the standard that they set.
    • The bridle line is pre-stretched and then cut so that it will stay the same throughout the entire life of the kite. Most kites the bridle lines stretch and the performance gets a lot worse as you take more sessions. Also they use thin kite line that significantly reduces drag.
    • The kite pig tails are the same as the bar pig tails. Having one backup set allows you to have a spare for the kite or the bar. They are also green and red like they should be. It is a sailing thing that only took the kiteboarding industry 20 years to get right.
    • The kite bags actually fit the kite when you fold it wrong. They use plastic zippers that won’t corrode either.
    • The North Navigator bar is really awesome and is the the perfect accessory to maximize the performance of the Carve.
      • The Carve is marketed as a wave kite, and it is a really good wave kite. That being said, this kite works as a great freeride kite and is even suitable for beginners. We think that it can get overlooked because of the “wave” label.
      • We found that in underpowered wave conditions if you pull the bar hard to loop the kite, it would sometimes just spin high in the wind window and create no power. We figured out that the kite flies better in over and under powered conditions with an inch of depower pulled.
      • North recommends 5-7psi inflation depending on the size. North said that a softer kite will twist and react better. We liked the crisper turning feel of this kite when it was pumped up to 8+psi.

The Carve is the one kite does it all in the North line up. This kite will make you confident in the waves, cruise on a foil, teach you to go upwind and it has a really predictable jump arc. It has the North Kiteboarding top tier build quality, and it will always perform flawlessly as you would expect.

Profile transition panels

We’ve added an extra panel that connects to the leading edge seam to ensure a precise lateral profile shape is maintained as close to the leading edge as possible, creating a smooth transition from the segmented leading edge to the curved canopy. This results in a more aerodynamic and efficient airflow and less turbulence.

DuraLite seam protection

Lightweight reinforcement to protect from chafing and abrasion along the struts to the leading edge. Thin foam padding is inserted underneath and forms a lightweight durable buffer to lift the kite slightly off rough surfaces, and protect the stitching along the struts and leading edge seams.

Steering impulse option

Bar pressure/steering impulse wing tip tuning options let you fine tune the kite to your personal preference.

Low-drag bridle lines

Spliced, pre-stretched bridle lines with less parasitic drag for greater aerodynamic performance. Our new manufacturing method to pre-load and measure the bridle lines before cutting improves accuracy and consistency. This combined with quality materials, results in reduced shrinkage, reduced elongation and improved longevity.

HyperFlow inflation system

High volume single point inflation system with larger diameter hose for rapid inflation and deflation. Bayonet style main inflation valve compatible with most pumps. No adapter needed.

No-pulley bridles

Simplified. Less breakage. Removing the plastic pulleys from within the load-bearing part of the kite improves safety and your connection to the kite. The result is lower drag, more accuracy and a more direct feeling as the kite powers more evenly through the turn.

Kevlar reinforced strut system

For the most accurate and durable connection between the strut and the leading edge.

Exo-skeleton structure

A durable frame around the perimeter of the kite made from stretch-resistant Techno Force 160gsm Dacron material. The Exoskeleton helps the transition where the Kevlar reinforced strut system meets the lighter canopy material. It adds durability, strength and elongation control, protecting the canopy and making the kite more responsive in the steering and depower. The result is a durable kite that can hold its profile for increased performance and lift, but is also dynamic, flexible and can twist to turn.

Teijin Techno Force D2

Premium high-density canopy material made in Japan, using high tenacity polyester yarn for lightness, high tearing strength and high endurance. Teijin Techno Force has the highest strength to weight ratio and longest durability in the industry.

For rigid, stable kite frame which requires less inflation pressure, allowing you to ride a size smaller.
Statically balanced, stable kite that resists nose diving.
Dacron reinforcing on the canopy down the full length of the struts and exo-skeleton.
Short travel provides instant drift.
Allows more area in the center of the kite for efficiency and easy roll to relaunch.
Two-stage arc for tighter turns without excessive amounts of power.
  • Kite|Kite Bag|Repair Kit
  • Control Bar and Pump Sold



Tech Specs

  • One hand click in chicken loop
  • Toolless interchangeable chicken loops come in 4 models
  • Two sizes available of 45-50cm and 50-55cm
  • Ergonomic bar that tapers to be super skinny at the center
  • Soft EVA bar ends and floats
  • Below bar center line swivel
  • Space aged plastic coating covers the center line and the flagging line
  • Liros DC Pro SK99 Lines are 490kg, perfectly round and super skinny at 1.6mm
  • 22m length lines. You can take a 10m section off to have 12m lines for learning
  • Pigtails are kook proof, colored red and green and the same pig tails that are on the kite
  • Short leash included
  • Standard Size InterLoop included
  • Bar Weights: 45-50cm @ 2.3 lbs. 50-55cm @2.5 lbs.

2020 North Navigator Control System Bar



Double Action Kite Pump with tall body, high-airflow piston and single/double action switch for faster, easier inflation. Includes anti-sand filter and seals for long life of pump and kite, integrated shockproof pressure gauge and leash to secure the kite during inflation. Larger diameter hose for rapid inflation and deflation.

  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • With tall body and high-airflow piston for easier inflation.
  • Single/double action switch
  • For faster inflation.

  • Seals and anti-sand filter
  • For long life of pump and kite.

  • Leash
  • To secure the kite during inflation.

  • Larger diameter hose
  • For rapid inflation and deflation.

    • Medium 2.3L
    • Large 2.9L
    • Pump | Hose | Adapter | Pump Leash

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