2020 North Cross Kitesurf Board

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2020 North Cross Kitesurf Board

Available Sizes: 5'0" x 18" x 2.1875" 22.3L, 5'2" x 18.5" x 2.25" 24.3L, 5'4" x 19" x 2.3125" 26.7L


It carves, it jumps, it pops. The Cross is your everyday go-to, the ultimate all-rounder, instantly familiar, intuitive and easy to ride. Created to maximise your playtime in an ever-changing surf playground, ride real-world onshore wind conditions, flatwater and chop. This versatile board can also freestyle with the best of them and blends the line effortlessly between disciplines. Instant speed and drive when needed, with a comfortable stance. Generous volume and width gives a fun, forgiving ride, delivers effortless upwind speed and provides powerful pop for freestyle tricks. Featuring grabbable rails on the top deck for easy air-handling and cushy contoured deck pads for enhanced control. Fully express yourself in wave and freestyle riding. Make every moment count.


Toe bump and rear wedge kick

For maximum traction and control.

Futurelite Technology

Maximises strength without losing flex, allowing the board to load and release power on demand for more drive and responsiveness.

Woven carbon tail reinforcement

Spreads the load under the kickpad and gives impact resistance and torsional stiffness under the rear foot.

DualShock EVA inserts

Under main impact areas help reduce denting around heel. Our solution to reduce over-engineering, keeping the boards lightweight while retaining required flex.

FCSII finboxes

Compatible with both FCSI and click-in keyless FCSII fins for more speed & drive, quicker acceleration, and more response from your board. Easily change your fins and tune your ride.

High density foam reinforcements

Surrounding the FCSII finbox are shaped to match the curved template of the finbox for a clean bond and smoother load transfer into the board.

Structurally integrated finbox, leashplug and footstrap inserts

Lock in to the laminate with the Futurelite carbon innegra system to give extra reinforcement and flex-tuning.

Raked thruster surf finset

North Hexcel Coremat lightweight fibreglass fins with a balanced template for smooth control and projection.

Package Includes

  • Board
  • Tri FCS1 Fin Set with Shim Set
  • Straps Sold Separately



Experience instant planing in full comfort with our lightweight memory foam Surf Straps. The Free Straps allow you to customise your fit and stance, giving you freedom to move and shred in any conditions.


  • KnitFlex

    Comfortlightweight neoprene bonded with pre-shaped dual density memory foam and contoured for maximum comfort. Stitch free lining means no rubbing or pressure points.
  • Centred strap configuration

    Allows entry from either rail, for switching stance.
  • Freedom within the footstrap

    Tighten attachment screws firmly for a more locked-in feeling, or back the screws off slightly for more movement and a looser feel when riding.
  • Micro strap adjustment capabilities

    Asymmetric strap washers allow you washer 180 degrees to loosen or tighten the strap without repositioning.
  • Range of foot strap positions

    Wide stance for increased control when surfing, through to a narrower, more locked in freeride stance.

Package Includes

  • Pair of Straps
  • Mounting Hardware

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