2020 North Orbit Kitesurfing Kite

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2020 North Orbit Kitesurfing Kite

Sizes:5m. 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m

Kite Colors: Yellow, Red, Green

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Big jumps. Big hang time. Big wind range. Designed from the ground up, this kite will rocket you upwind fast, with anti-gravity boosting capabilities. Optimised for all conditions, the North Orbit is a predictable kite that can be flown in the unpredictable. Light bar pressure allows effortless and precise steering with a massive sweet spot. A stiff frame provides a stable platform to help with overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions. Tested by nature and proven by our athletes. Jesse Richman trusted the Orbit to win the crown, Nick Jacobsen to take out the highest score and Marc Jacobs for the highest jump at the 2020 Red Bull King of the Air.



Tech Specs

  • Proven Teijin TechnoForce D2 canopy material and TechnoForce 160gsm Dacron.
  • Pre-stretched low drag pulley-less bridle creates responsive turning.
  • Exo-Skeleton Dacron frame and struts keeps kite ridged with no flappy flappy.
  • Proprietary inflate valve allows any pump to screw on with no inflate valve needed.
  • Duralite foam padding on leading edge keeps leading edge off the ground to reduce wear.
  • Full bodied wing tip for pull through the turns and looping bliss.
  • Canopy arc and profile optimized for efficient airflow.
  • Kook proof red and green pigtails with trailing edge attachments that have only one knot so you have the right one every time.
  • Kite repair kit included.
  • Kite bags come in four sizes so all kites have the right sized bag.
  • North came to the game to make a kite that would keep madmen like Jessie Richman and Nick Jacobson on the edge of their seats, yet make it palatable for your everyday rider that wants to go back and forth and send some big jumps.  The North Orbit hits those marks with the top-level riders improving their air games and average Joes getting the best sessions of their lives.
  • The Orbit feels totally natural on your first session.  There is a very little adjustment period to this kite.  You will find yourself trying and completing new tricks every session. It is really easy to ride so if you are working on your first carving transition to first mega loop, the Orbit will give you the confidence to make that happen.
  • This kite lives up to its name and will send you into ORBIT.  It is really easy to get big controlled air.  The arc of the jump is natural so you won’t get those weird surges like some big air kites. 
  • There is enough bar feel that you don’t lose the kite but it is by no means heavy or stiff in the turning.
  • North started with a clean slate and they stripped away all the legacy design characteristics that had no function.  There are a bunch of examples of this in the North kite line like only one knot to connect the kite line too.  People mess this up all the time on kites with multiple knots on the trailing edge pigtails which makes the kite out of tune.
  • They worked with the North Sails engineering team to reduce as much drag as possible. You can feel this when you fly the orbit.  The kite is very smooth through the air.  The profile and arc of this kite keep their shape even when it is really overpowered.  This translates gust absorption as well.
  • North made this kite to last.  The quality of craftsmanship is top-notch.  There is not a stitch out of place on the Orbit.  The attention to detail is just sick.  They are using a very high-quality control spec and meeting the standard that they set.
  • The bridle line is pre-stretched and then cut so that it will stay the same the entire life of the kite.  Most kites the bridle lines stretch and the performance gets a lot worse as you take more sessions.  Also, they use thin kite line that significantly reduces drag.
  • The kite pigtails are the same as the bar pigtails.  Having one back up set allows you to have a spare for the kite or the bar.  They are also green and red like they should be.  It is a sailing thing that only took the kiteboarding industry 20 years to get right. 
  • With North Sails behind the brand, we expected some sort of space-aged materials for their big air kite. In speaking with the designer, they did their homework and got a ton of data and product samples from North.  What they found is that a lot of canopy materials break down or stretch in strange ways so the kites loose their shape and feel.  Also, some materials tested can be special and “fancy” but really overweight. North KB chose their kite materials because they are proven and every time they buy that material it is the same stuff.
  • The Orbit is the kite that most kiteboarder should be riding because it is high performance but it is also really easy to ride.  We found that it felt a little heavy in light air for foiling and kitesurfing.  Surprisingly it does drift pretty well though.
  • The Orbit only comes up to a size 14m.  There are some big riders out there that could use a 16m.

All sizes of this kite rip hard and build confidence.  The 14m is fast and responsive while the 5m jumps like mad and doesn’t drop you like a rock.  When you get out in the sweet spot of an 8m-12m, your mind will be blown.  This kite is easy, familiar and a badass ripper that you know is going to feel just as good on session #200 as it did on session #1.

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