2020 North Scoop Foilboard

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2020 North Scoop Foilboard

Available Sizes: 120cm x 46cm x 4.5cm 15.3L


Enjoy a responsive riding experience with the North Scoop. Dedicated performance foiling with a lightweight EPS core. Your ideal expedition partner for comfortable long distance foil missions or an after work sundowner.


  • Touchdown recovery
    Ultra-scooped nose rocker to prevent nose-diving and lift you back up on the foil immediately.

  • Tactile Response
    Highly concaved deck for stable smooth transitions, responsive steering, and more intuitive foot positioning. The concave deck also acts like a counterbalance, so you don’t feel like you are heeling over as far on the board.

  • Track system
    Structurally integrated between top and bottom laminate for maximum support.

  • Adjustable track system
    Allows you to precision-tune the foil setup for your weight and comfort.

Package Includes

  • Board
  • Free Foil Strap Set
  • Foil Mounting Hardware



      Experience instant planing in full comfort with our lightweight memory foam Surf Straps. The Free Straps allow you to customise your fit and stance, giving you freedom to move and shred in any conditions.


      • KnitFlex

        Comfortlightweight neoprene bonded with pre-shaped dual density memory foam and contoured for maximum comfort. Stitch free lining means no rubbing or pressure points.
      • Centred strap configuration

        Allows entry from either rail, for switching stance.
      • Freedom within the footstrap

        Tighten attachment screws firmly for a more locked-in feeling, or back the screws off slightly for more movement and a looser feel when riding.
      • Micro strap adjustment capabilities

        Asymmetric strap washers allow you washer 180 degrees to loosen or tighten the strap without repositioning.
      • Range of foot strap positions

        Wide stance for increased control when surfing, through to a narrower, more locked in freeride stance.

      Package Includes

      • Pair of Straps
      • Mounting Hardware


      850 WING + 85 MAST


      • Carbon 850 Front Wing
        Lightweight carbon sandwich construction with optimized profile and rounded outline for a playful and smooth ride without losing top speed thrills.
      • Maximum freeride performance
        Carries the lift through all manouevres and lets you step up your foil game with ease.
      • Anhedral wing profile
        With swept back outline allows for a more agile flight mode and roll stability during maneuvres.
      • Optimized low drag
        Foil section allows for thrilling top end speeds combined with unbelievable low stall speed.
      • Composite rear-wing Stabilizer
        In perfect harmony with the Front Wing, our dihedral-shaped rear Stabilizer provides control and riding comfort, allowing fast pivoting turns and easy recovery from surface-breaching.
      • Breach Recovery
        Surface piercing of the Stabilizer is not a problem, as the Front Wing sits deeper in the water and is still fully submerged, giving you that extra time to react and adjust your ride height.
      • Hydrodynamically-optimized Fuselage
        Precisely CNC-machined from 6061-T6 anodized aeronautical-grade aluminium for minimum resistance, with structurally engineered connections for an exceptional strength to weight ratio.
      • 85cm Aluminium Mast
        Ideal for Freeride foiling and increases overall ride performance in choppy conditions. This Mast length is perfect to heel over more, fly the kite lower and further power up the foil system for a more controlled high speed ride. It is also more forgiving in rougher conditions. Constructed from the highest quality aircraft grade 6061-T6 Anodized Aluminium.
      • GeoLock
        Engineered to last, our unique GeoLock tapered geometry locking system provides a more effective load-bearing connection between the Mast and Fuselage, locking them together, so they feel like one piece. Screws engage the GeoLock while load transfer now takes place over the full cross-section of the mast profile, allowing for a more efficient load transfer and longer-lasting connection.
      • Board Adapter
        The Sonar Foil System is connected to the board by a lightweight CNC-machined aluminium Board Adapter with a tapered geometry locking connection that engages with the mast. Fusing Board Adapter and mast together to build one union for optimum load transfer and a stronger, more direct feeling and steering impulse when foiling.
      • 165x90mm bolt pattern
        The Sonar Foil System can be mounted to any foil board with a 165x90mm bolt pattern. Foil to Board mounting hardware is not included with the Sonar Edition. All North Foil Boards include foil to board mounting hardware. For non-North Foil Boards, mounting hardware can be purchased separately from our online store or your local North Kiteboarding retailer.

      Package Includes

      • 850 Front Wing
      • Rear Wing Stabilizer
      • 85cm Mast
      • Fuselage
      • Plate Board Adapter
      • Foil Tool Set and Foil Screw Packs A, B, C and D
      • Mast covers and Track Board Mounting Hardware Sold Separately

      2020 North Sonar Freeride Edition Complete Foil

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