2020 NP Glide Front Wing Slim Medium

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2020 NP Glide Front Wing Slim Medium

The new medium slim wings have been developed to offer a foil set up that is faster, can take off on higher waves and allow for tighter turns. These wings are specially made for advanced foilers that want to speed up their foil set up.

The Glide Series Front Wing Slim-M has an 80 cm wing span. It's compatible with the Glide Surf and Glide Surf Carbon.

Specs - Front wing Slim-M

Span cm/in: 80.2 / 31.6
Chord Length cm/in: 20.7 / 8.1
Top Area cm2/in2: 1302.5 / 201.9
Bottom Area cm2/in2: 1256.1 / 194.7
Projection Area cm2/in2: 1230.1 / 190.7

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