2020 Ride Engine Bird Machine Foil Kite 3'10" + Futura Surf 76cm Foil Package

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2020 Ride Engine Bird Machine Foil Kite 3'10" + Futura Surf 76cm Foil Package

Are you hunting for the perfect free riding hydrofoil combo? Well look no further. The Bird Machine’s perfect size with the Futura 76 low aspect foil kit will keep you flying high!

The Board: The Bird Machine - It’s not too big, getting in the way, and not too small, to make things hard.

  • Smart design with precise rail chines.
  • Bottom shape that breaks the surface tension and promotes deflection.
  • Kicked nose that helps achieve early planing and eliminate nose pearling.
  • Kick tail to help you pump efficiently though the lulls.
  • Strong lightweight construction.

The Foil: The magical Futura 76 Manta wing, which has a large, low-aspect shape incorporating an Inverted Gull Wing outline that gives it much better top-end speed and easy to engage pumping performance than many foils of similar size and surface area.

Package Includes: Bird Machine board (3’10”), Alloy mast: 71cm (28”), Alloy Pedestal mount, Alloy fuselage 61cm (24”), Manta carbon 76cm front wing (76cm span), Futura carbon 42 rear stabilizer wing (42cm span), Rear wing mounting shim, Titanium hardware kit, Futura neoprene wing covers, Component travel case


    Double concave hull contour that that has forward projection on touch down and breaks water surface tension for early release and controlled deflection.


    Tail kick for pumping clearance.


    High-density foam I-beam foil box construction


    Full deck EVA pad with inserts for strap placement.

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