Ride Engine Wing Foil

2020 Ride Engine Wing Foil

Available Models: Colugo Wing 68cm, Batwing 65cm, Mobula Wing 60cm 


With a flat profile, the Colugo wing delivers great side-to-side stability and long, drawn out carving that feels like your favorite longboard. The flat shape also gives it powerful pumping potential and plenty of lift for its size.

  • Stable, user-friendly wing for easy cruising on tiny to medium size waves
  • Flat shape is super stable, long, drawn-out carving like a longboard
  • New carbon composite construction- durability, more range and more efficient
  • Safe-T winglets help prevent injury

BatWing 65cm

The Bat Wing’s distinctive delta shape gives it dynamic side-to-side turning and agility that feels a bit like a quad-fin shortboard on the glassiest day you’ve ever surfed. This is a lively wing that takes a little getting used to (compared to a flatter, more stable profile), but once you get the hang of how playful you can be with it, you’ll never look back. 

  • High surface area, low aspect wing has tons of lift and range for tiny to head-high waves
  • Arc “Bat Wing” shape gives it dynamic, self-centering carving and turning
  • New carbon composite construction- lighter, more range and more efficient
  • Safe-T winglets help prevent injury


If you're looking to extend your foil surfing into larger, faster waves, or are simply a smaller stature rider the Mobula 60 is the choice. Drafting of the DNA of the larger Manta wings but with a slimmer profile and reduced span making the lift highly controllable and precise.


  • Inverted Gull Wing shape for increased top end speed without sacrificing lift or stability
  • Safe-T winglets offer blunt tip safety while at the same time increases stability with yaw reduction


Materials:  Carbon Composite Construction

2020 Ride Engine Wing Neoprene Cover

Protect your most prized possession while it is out of the water. These neoprene foil wing covers are extremely shock resistant and durable. Each cover is designed to specifically fit each sized hydrofoil wing with a soft and cushioned feel.

Available sizes: 

  • Colugo Wing 68cm
  • Mobula Wing 60cm
  • Batwing 65cm
  • Manta Wing 65cm
  • Manta Wing 76cm
  • Manta Wing 84cm
  • Manta Wing 99cm


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