Demo 2020 Slingshot Dwarfcraft 4'6" Foil Kite Board Only USED

2020 Slingshot Dwarfcraft 4'6" Foil Kite Board Only USED

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kiteboard. Kiteboard sold as-is. Footstraps and Hover Glide Fkite Foil not included but can be added.

Condition: B-  Scratches typical of moderate  use. A ding on the bottom of the board has been repaired. Additional pictures available upon request.

A versatile size and shape that’s friendly enough to learn on but progressive enough that you don’t have to worry about outgrowing once you’re past the beginner phase. The dwarf craft 4’6” is light and agile, with the beveled bottom of a more advanced board, the volume and front-end rocker of a user-friendly setup and a concaved deck that helps you know where your feet are at all times. This is a comfortable, all-around foil board that just about anyone can hop on and immediately feel at home.


  • NEW Cushy corduroy deck pad
  • Multiple footstrap insert positions
  • Comfortable, versatile size and shape for all ability levels
  • Front end rocker and volume help reduce nose-diving
  • Concave deck increases turning response, helps with foot position
  • Beveled/chined rails reduce catching an edge when carving
  • Adjustable track mount lets you dial in foil position

Package includes: Board, pedestal mounting hardware



1. NEW Cushy Full-length Corduroy Deck Pad

Slightly softer than our deck pads of the past, this new corduroy texture provides tons of grip and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye.

2. Multiple footstrap Insert Position

Ride with 3 straps, 2 straps, 1 strap, half strap or no strap.

3. Concave deck

Concave provides increased turning sensitivity and response and allows for more dynamic heel-toe performance. Also helps with proper foot placement placement once you get a feel for the contour of the deck and where the sweet spot is.

4. Adjustable Track Foil Mount

Allows you to slide your foil forward and aft on your board to fine-tune how it feels and performs based on your size, ability and personal preference

5. Beveled Rails

Aids in an earlier release from the water. Makes a big difference when you’re leaning into a carve or edging hard upwind. Beveled rails prevent the board from grabbing the water when you touch down, which allows you to skip off the water and keep going instead of grinding to a halt.


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