2020 Slingshot Fuel Kiteboarding Kite

The Slingshot Fuel’s Traditional-C profile and wide, squared-off wingtips deliver powerful performance, the best (and backstall-free) unhooked handling of any shape in the industry and gut-checking loops that travel deep through the window.Relaunching is made surprisingly easy by refined leading edge and wingtip geometry.

Although tuned for freestyle-centric riding, the Fuel has respectable crossover performance. The Fuel was the foundation from which countless other kites were designed, and over the years it has been the catalyst that launched many of the world’s best riders into their careers.

Slingshot have also reinforced the one-pump inflation valve’s connection to the bladder to help prevent blowouts caused by improper hose attachment/detachment.

19 years of refinement and innovation have delivered extraordinary power, rock solid stability and incredible mega looping. The Fuel was the foundation for our designers to create a kite that let pro riders and the sports future stars stand up, stand out and be noticed.

The Slingshot FUEL reintroduces Splitstrut Technology. The FUEL is built on a 5-strut platform, making the kite incredibly rigid and stable in even the toughest conditions. Slingshot have also incorporated a new trailing edge construction for extra protection to decrease wear.

The combination of this dedication, design and technology create a kite with unmatched deliberate power, fearless looping and unwavering recovery — making the FUEL the C kite expert rider’s weapon of choice.

Day after day the Fuel delivers, without excuse, uncompromised C kite performance. Fuel your passion!

In it's 19th year the Fuel sets the bar even higher!

The Slingshot Fuel is for the expert rider who demands a powerful, stable and relentless kite that will boost, loop and recover in the most demanding freestyle conditions.

Slingshot Fuel Features:

  • Unbridled C-kite power and performance
  • Megaloop Master
  • Fine-tuned for freestyle/wakestyle and big air
  • Unrivaled unhooked control with zero backstalling
  • Surf Proof Seams - makes the kite stronger and more durable. When the kite is dropped in the surf or the shore dump it will withstand the punishment. The seams really tighten up the canopy, which lead to better flying characteristic's, holds its shape better in high gusty winds, and prevents blowouts when dropped in heavy surf.
  • Traditional “C” shape canopy - Consistent grunt and power through the power stroke. Boosts, loops and predictably recovers
  • Slingshot patented Onepump: the industry's original, proven and patented single point inflation syste
  • NEW patent pending Center Safety System: 100% depower safety and convenience below the bar
  • Custom Fuel Injection - Truly customized kite performance for riding style and conditions. Set to wake or freestyle
  • Split Strut Integrated Strut Design - Maximum durability, increased stability and shaping control enhances the power delivery under heavy load and creates efficiency in the overall frame.
  • Customisable bar pressure
  • NEW Compstick control bar: direct feel, speed and responsiveness (sold separately)
  • Mark clothing reinforced trailing edge
  • Ride unhooked with full depower
  • Surf-tough seams reducing overall wear and tear
  • Mark cloth scuff guards
  • Massive boosts: jump higher and float longer than ever before
  • Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality
  • 4 Line simplicity


2020 Slingshot Fuel Kiteboarding Kite

Available Size: 7m // 9m // 11m // 13m

Slingshot Fuel Benefits:

  • Expert project co-design and development
  • Consistent grunt and power through the power stroke
  • Leading industry-standard in single point inflation
  • Minimizes and contains canopy tears
  • Two separate and unique attachment settings for wake and freestyle
  • Prevents overall wear and tear
  • Reduces flutter and increases durability
  • Less overall drag
  • Bomber quality
  • Slingshot's commitment to unsurpassed customer service

Slingshot Package when sold complete:

  • Slingshot Fuel Kite
  • 4 Line Comp Stick Control Bar (Active Stopper Ball Equipped)
  • Firewire 800lb line set
  • Newly redesigned kite backpack
  • Kite Patch kit
  • User manual quick start guide
  • Product registration card
  • Slingshot's commitment to unsurpassed customer service

    Sizes available: 7m, 9m, 11m and 13m



• Streamline above-the-bar depower 
• Below-the-bar swivel keeps lines untwisted 
• Bomber Slingshot construction 
• Strongest and longest lasting lines available 
• Easy, reliable safety release 

Sentinel characteristics: 
The Sentinel system is designed for riders who like the Compstick’s simplistic and rugged design but prefer an above-the-bar location of the depower rope. The Sentinel features an above-the-bar trim cleat, a swiveling safety mechanism below the bar and all the other features that have made the Compstick Sentinel the trusted choice for riders around the world, year after year. For 2017, we’ve given the Compstick a fresh new visual presence and have carried over improvements to the floats, grips, redesigned bar ends and safety leash that were implemented in 2016. 

Sentinel rider profile:

You’ll love the Compstick Sentinel if you want ultimate control and confidence, the Compstick’s intuitive and streamlined above-the-bar depower and safety is unrivaled by any other bar on the market.



Trusted, proven rider-simplicity at its finest; no gizmos or gimmicks, just clean design, intuitive function and bombproof construction. You are the driver, this is your steering wheel.

Your bar should not come between you and your kite, it should feel like an extension of your arms. This is the Campstick. Equipped with the strongest flying lines in the industry (800lb test inside lines, 500lb test outside lines), easy release/reset safety systems and a clean, comfortable interface, it instills confidence and lets you forget about your bar and ride like you’re connected directly to the kite. The Compstick is available in two layout options, our patented below-the-bar and the traditional above-the-bar depower.

The Compstick Guardian features our patented below-the-bar system that places the depower within easy reach at waist level and increases the amount of throw above the bar. The trim cleat is incorporated into the safety release box, which further simplifies the look and feel of the setup. Your vision above the bar is clean, with no cleat or depower straps dangling in front of your face. To control the amount of throw, an active stopper can be moved on the fly to stop the bar wherever it is set.


  • Clear, intuitive bomber below-the-bar system
  • Easy to reach depower location
  • Clean visibility above the bar
  • Maximizes throw and depower
  • Ride with confidence with the strongest lines in kiteboarding


17" x 20m - Kite sizes 4-8 meters

20" x 20m w/ 3m extensions - Universal size for kites 4-17 meters

23" x 27m - Kite sizes 14-17 meters

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