2020 Slingshot Glide Twintip Boards

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2020 Slingshot Glide Twintip Boards

Available Sizes: 151cm, 161cm

The Glide has been a staple in the Slingshot range for over a decade. Not only has it saved sessions for thousands of riders but it has also taught equally as many people to be kiteboarders. For 2020 we redesigned the Glide to save even more sessions and teach even more riders. The 2020 Glide features a new Trapezoidal tip and tail, which increases the effective edge of the board in the water without increasing the overall size and cumbersome nature of a longer board. This will help riders in light wind keep their upwind position as well as teach more riders how to effectively ride upwind when a smaller and more traditional twin tip simply couldn’t do it.


  • NEW Trapezoidal Tip and Tail - More effective edge, means better upwind and better tracking
  • NEW Design - Better light wind efficiencies and more top end make this new shape better than ever
  • NEW Size Range - A little extra size for a little extra power and reach



 1. NEW Trapezoidal Tip & Tail

This new Trapezoidal tip and tail shape extends your effective board area in the water and also acts as a rudder or an additional center fin. The extended length gives you more range and this shape also provides more tracking for upwind performance.

2. NEW Design for 2020

This all new shape was tested by our R&D team in the most extreme lightweight condition we could find. When the dust settled we had arrived at a shape that had more light wind efficiencies as well as a better and more playful top end. Best of both worlds, can't beat that.

3. NEW Size Range

We added more length to both sizes of the Glide. This board is built to extend your twin tip light wind minimums below what you thought possible. Whoever said size doesn’t matter, probably has a smaller board than you.

4. Atomic Wood Core

Sustainably grown Paulownia gives the lively, springy character that Slingshot boards are famous for. Vertically laminated construction harnesses the collective strength of the wood’s grain and provides strength, durability, and consistent flex over the life of the board.

5. Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls

We’ve transferred the same technology found in high durometer urethane skateboard wheels into the rail of all our boards. Our innovative manufacturing process literally infuses the rail into the board cores in one single shot, producing unrivaled dampening and durability.

6. Carbon Bedrock Inserts

Light, flexible, and super strong, our inserts are reinforced with carbon fiber before being inlaid into the board. Reduces overall board weight, increases pull strength and allows for a more consistent flex underfoot.

7. Dura-Light Base

This 2mm base material is the ideal strength to weight ratio. Lightweight performance in a strong and durable package.

8. NEW Grab Handle




For 2020, we stripped our existing Dually platform down to the bones and rebuilt it from the toes up. The result is a reimagined and reengineered binding that provides better grip, leverage and board control, more reactive handling and happier feet. Now offered in two sizes for a better fit across more feet sizes and shapes.

XS/SM: US: M’s 5- | EU: 37- | UK: 4.5- | CM: 24-
US: W’s 7-
MED/LG: US: M’s 5+ | EU: 37+ | UK: 4.5+ | CM: 24+
US: W’s 7+


+ NEW Interchangeable, variable density footbed inserts give a custom feel and function

+ NEW Re-Engineered footbed, provides a lighter, more cushioned ride than any Dually before

+ Four-point, dual-zone closure provides a custom fit for all shapes and sizes

+ Improved, softer footbed cushions

+ Universal mounting allows for customized stance and is compatible with most kiteboards

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