2021 Cabrinha Xcaliber Carbon Kiteboard

2021 Cabrinha Xcaliber Carbon Kiteboard


Available Sizes:135 x 41, 138 x 42, 141 x 43


High performance freestyle model with structural carbon and incredible reflex. The new Xcal receives a re-design that brings it center stage to the high demands of performance freestyle and big air. The new aggressive tip channels make for a more aggressive take-off, whether that manifests as an explosive pop off flat water or a high line tension release from a wave into the sky.

The use of exclusive Japanese Toray car­bon allows the utmost performance when conditions are at their best. This premium construction mix keeps the weight of the board down while giving the right amount of stiffness throughout, culminating in an incredibly lively feeling board under foot.

Included with the board:

  • 4x 40mm fins, 4x washers,
  • 10x m6x16mm screws, grab handle

• NEW All new and refined shape
• NEW Aggressive quad tip channels for backfoot grip and improved pop
• NEW Rail channels for maximum edge control
• NEW Double concave in center for smooth and controllable landings
• High end construction for performance and speed in all conditions
• Exclusive use of Japanese Toray structural carbon
• Stiff flex pattern for a rapid response & explosive pop
• Excellent upwind drive

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