2021 F-One Prone 12 Paddle Board

2021 F-One Prone 12 Paddle Board

Mixing the experiences of F-ONE and expert rider Alban Cornic, the 12’ Prone Paddleboard has already established a solid record on the best events worldwide, including several podiums at the most prestigious event in the sport, Hawaii’s Molokai 2 Oahu (M2O).

  • Straight Rocker line
  • Fantastic buoyancy and exceptional balance
  • Incredibly comfortable

The dugout cockpit enabled to pack a lot of volume into this board while maintaining very good stability. The volume is key in helping the board handle the rougher conditions, keeping the nose out of the water and connect the bumps one after another. This ability to connect between bumps and maintain the glide is a prevailing factor and something that is very noticeable on this board. The front half, which contains most of the volume and stability, really drives the board. In this area, the bottom starts round under the bullet nose and becomes flat in the middle sections for a playful and dynamic behaviour. The rear half is thinned out to a true pin tail outline with a V on the bottom to offer good release and tracking. The volume distribution and pinched outline combined make the board easy to drive from the central paddling position. There is no need for the rider to move back and forth on the board, so he can focus on his paddling and his efficiency.

Built using the CARBON COMPOSITE technology with a complete vacuum lamination around a light EPS core, these boards also feature a brushed finish to reach the lightest possible weight with an impressive strength. A double bamboo patch is located under the rider’s feet for maximum durability.

Designed to perform at the highest level, these boards are used by our pro-team to compete in the top world events and will deliver the same performances on your local spot.


The CARBON COMPOSITE construction includes a full layer of carbon laminate on the board's bottom and deck making it incredibly light and yet surprisingly reliable.

14’x 22.5″ 427 x 57 cm 295 L 10.8 kg* GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug (x2) Single US F-ONE 2018 Race Fin 8″
14’x 24.5″ 427 x 62 cm 305 L 11.1 kg* GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug (x2) Single US F-ONE 2018 Race Fin 8″

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