2021 F-One RACE PRO FW 14 Paddle Board

2021 F-One RACE PRO FW 14 Paddle Board

Available in 14’x22’5″ size, the 14′ FlatWater is the ultimate speed machine that is exclusively designed to perform on flat water courses.

  • The ultimate flatwater raceboard
  • Narrow and straight outline
  • Impressive stability for a 22’5” wide board

Its fantastic shape offers an incredible glide with a deeply recessed cockpit to maximize stability, its straight rocker line and reversed bow nose provides maximum glide and speed. The flat bottom offers a very dynamic behaviour while the progressive concave from mid-way to the tail improves the release of the flow. The outline remains parallel along way to the back to allow impressive stability for a 22’5” wide board.

Built using the CARBON COMPOSITE technology with a complete vacuum lamination around a light EPS core these boards also feature a brushed finish to reach the lightest possible weight with an impressive strength. A double bamboo patch is located under the rider’s feet for maximum durability.

Designed to perform at the highest level, these boards are used by our pro-team to compete in the top world events and will deliver the same performances on your local spot.


The CARBON COMPOSITE construction includes a full layer of carbon laminate on the board's bottom and deck making it incredibly light and yet surprisingly reliable.

14′ x 22.5″ 427 x 57 cm 269 L 10.5 kg* GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug (x2) Single US F-ONE 2018 Race Fin 8″

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