2021 F-One Taiba Surf Board

2021 F-One Taiba Surf Board

The TAIBA range has been created to ease the way into the fascinating world of wave riding.

  • Stable to offer easy paddling
  • Manoeuvrable for easy waveriding performance
  • Easy Take-offs

Their size, volume and dimensions keep the boards very accessible for anyone who wants to get into sup-surfing but like to feel stability in a board.

The TAIBA shape combines the length needed to achieve easy take-off with a round outline and a refined rocker line that will surprise any advanced rider by its efficiency and maneuverability in the bottom and top turns alike.

The colorful TAIBA range includes 3 sizes at 9’2’’ x 31” for 139L, 8’10’’ x 30” for 125L and 8’6’’ x 29.5” for 116L.
All sizes come with a thruster fin setup and the BAMBOO DECK construction that uses a bamboo sandwich laminate on deck for added strength.

With their beveled rails, subtle bottom V shape & balanced volume distribution these boards have all it takes to surf any wave, with style and efficiency. Only we made sure it’s as fun and easy as ever! The perfect set up for your introduction to SUP Surfing with enough attributes to take you to the next level as your ability progresses.

8’6′ x 29.5″ 259 x 75 cm 116 L 8.6 kg* GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug 2x Futures + 1 US CENTRO 6’’ + 2x FUTURES® F3 425 (SIDE)
8’10’’ x 30’ 269 x 76 cm 125 L 9 kg* GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug 2x Futures + 1 US CENTRO 7’’ + 2x FUTURES® F3 425 (SIDE)
9’2’’ x 31’’ 280 x 79 cm 139 L 9.4 kg* GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug 2x Futures + 1 US CENTRO 8’’ + 2x FUTURES® F3 425 (SIDE)
9’6″ x 32″ 290 x 81.5 cm 154 L  9.8 kg* GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug 2x Futures + 1 US CENTRO 8’’ + 2x FUTURES® F3 425 (SIDE)


The top deck of the board is lined with a layer of bamboo.

BAMBOO Sandwich technology

Our SUP boards benefit from the BAMBOO SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY construction. Every layer of bamboo is sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass or between a layer of carbon. This allows the sandwich technology to emphasize the characteristics of the bamboo. The final result is a light structure that is super strong and extremely reliable.


For all surfers one of the inconveniences of a SUP is the large size of the rails, too big to dig into a turn. So, how do we make a sup with a thin rail without losing the volume of the board? The answer is the Beveled rail.

They are small flat lateral sections in V shapes, which allows us to reduce the thickness of the rail in certain sections (1). The other advantage is that they reduce the planing surface of the board (2) which therefore reduces drag. The combination of a thinner rail and slightly narrower width allows the board to get a better edge into the turns and a tighter arc.


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