2021 Mystic Majestic Impact Vest Men

2021 Mystic Majestic Impact Vest Men

What about it

In the high range you can find the Majestic impact vest with a whole lot of options. Fox fleece will keep you warm and you get extra flexibility at the spine protected by clash foam. Available in cloud print Brave Green or Oxblood Red. Zip it up, buckle up around the waist and go wake!


  • CE approved
  • YKK Front-zip
  • Clash foam
  • Spine protection (NBR)
  • Zipper lock
  • Integrated waist webbing strap with QR-buckle
  • Chest pocket with keyloop & mini buckle
  • Please note: This is not a floatation device / buoyancy aid


  • M-Flex 2.0 (100%)
  • Fox Fleece

Size Guide



Fox fleece

Fox fleece is fluffy. Big loops in the fabric create a high pile inner lining that holds air for extra insulation. Because of that, it also holds less water enhancing the quick-dry capabilities of the suit. With its superior stretch performance in all directions, it's no wonder Fox Fleece is on the inside of so many of our wetsuits.


Spine protection (NBR)

Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) has a very high impact absorption, has low to none water absorption and performs good in high ambient and cold conditions.

Integrated waist webbing strap with QR-buckle

Strap up as tightly as you like with the integrated waist webbing straps.


Chest pocket with keyloop & mini buckle

Hold on to your locker key in the chest pocket with keyloop & mini buckle.



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